Brooch bouquet question!!!!!!!
Does anyone have any idea how many brooches you need to do a bouquet?

Nothing big, maybe medium sized, I would say about 6 in diameter. I think I'm going to join the DIY club. Something like the ones on the pictures I'm attaching

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em&bee wedding invitations

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Oh wow. If I had a guess those have like 40-50 maybe more, depends how big/small they are.

em&bee wedding invitations

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My florist said you don't want your bouquet to be thing people look at. You want it to accent you. He said to be sure it is not too big, he even made me show him how big I thought it should be and I wayyy overshot it. Maybe call a florist and ask how big in diameter an average size bridal bouquet is?

Nicole Inskip

nine29 Design Studios
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The first one looks to be about 30 the second far more. I think it's going to be trial and error. Start the prodject and look for the biggest ones you can find in matching tones.

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Did you see this one? bouquet&ga_noautofacet=1&ga_order=price_desc&ga_page=5&ga_search_type=handmade&ga_facet=handmade/weddings

Looked online and they seem to be running about 6 to 12 inches across (according to sellers info on etsy). The amount of brooches depends on if it is all jewelry or not. Some seem to have silk flowers with brooches mixed in. That might help your budget out too. I say it will just be trial and error...

You must post pics of it when you finish!!!!

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the bridal bouquet from my vendor is 10 inches in diameter and the bm bouquet can come in 8 in and 6 in

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good point Skyla! I thought about keeping it two colors, because I have seen ones with every single color of the rainbow. I think probably silver and blue, and the size of the first one, then I thought I could put some green to 'simulate' leaves around the base... :S maybe I'm starting with a too complicated DIY

My mom didn't like the idea because she says: what if someone gives you a brooch that says 'McCain 2008' and then she said: If you throw it you might poke someone's eyes out. She also doesn't believe in paper or silk flowers and I am not a budget but brooches is something I can get little by little without them dying on me

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great websites!! and the one of step by step instructions is going to come in very handy!!!

That is a great idea to mix silk flowers to it and saving on the budget is always welcome :)

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Also.... go to the mall and check out the junior stores.... Forever 21, Claires, Charlotte Russe... etc... look for statement necklaces that come with 4 or 5 big flowers on them... most of those stores have BOGO sales and necklaces for under $15
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I wonder how much those brooch bouquets weigh -- they look heavy.

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It takes anywhere from 50-80 brooches to do a brooch bouquet. One thing you'll find is that it is EXTREMELY expensive to find that many brooches, especally if you're trying to stick to two colors. They can be very hard to find, and can range anywhere from $5 - $50 per brooch. I planned on making my entire bouquet out of brooches, and soon ecided to do a floral bouquet with brooch accents. It was still very time consuming, but kept the cost down to a reasonable amount, and I love the final result! Look on ebay for brooch lots, and antique stores usually have a good selection. Vintage clip-on earrings are good, too, because you get 2 for the price of 1, and they're really easy to wire! Hope that helps! Here's a pic of mine!

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Nancy I've heard they are about 2-5 lbs depending on the amount of brooches and things you put in it but trust me...I'm not throwing it haha

Mandi, I found a website something like you can buy them starting $1 and some of them are like $3 a piece very easy to find if you are sticking with traditional colors like blue or green which is what I plan to do, only silver blue green, I'm more of a monochromatic person :P

Hayley that is a great idea! I am going to start hanging out at those stores, I always get my cheap jewlery at Charlotte Russe but it never crossed my mind to go find the brooches there ... not much of a DIYer
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On the average these are about 6" in diameter and they are less than 3lbs. We use about 40 or more brooches per bouquet and you will need lots of floral wire and florist tape. They are very challanging to create but well worth the end result if you have the patience.
Always happy to help with any questions you may have.

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Well thank you a lot for the help offer Nancy!! So far I've only gotten 4 brooches on ebay :P I will surely hasn't lots of questions when the assembly time comes.
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