Bridesmaids and Groomsmen Song
I want to play songs when the bridesmaids and groomsmen walk down the aisle any ideas??

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Have you checked out the music on this site ? You might be able to find something there just go through all the sections you might luck out.

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i agree if u cant find any songs you like on here you can always google bridesmaids and groomsmen songs on google.
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Depends on your theme, and the tone of your wedding. "That's what friends are for" could be appropriate... depending on what other music you have playing before and for the bride's entrance.
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Maybe you could give us some more information: what are YOU walking down the aisle to?

I always refer our couples to the following sites. They have AMAZING songs, and you can even click on them and listen to samples:

Vitamin String Quartet:
Jon Schmidt:
O'Neill Brothers:

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Do you want classical, modern, rock, country? It depends on want you like but here are some suggestions:
1.Cannon In D Major (Pachelbel)
2.Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring (Bach)
3.Air on the “G” String (Bach)
4.Vitamin String Quartet
Over The Rainbow/What A Wonderful World-Israel
Unforgettable-Nat King & Natalie Cole

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John E. Thanks. I picked one of the ones you listed!
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