Okay so my bridal shower is this Saturday! I thought i had my outfit all planned out but then changed my mind & went in a different direction. Found this super cute dress thats coral & tan/nude with a brown belt & nude heels...Then i started thinking wait...i think the bride is suppossed to wear white to the shower?!? What did you guys wear? I know i want to wear a dress... Help me! lol Whats your thoughts and advice??

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I'm planning on wearing jeans and a "Bride" T-shirt to mine. I think you can wear whatever you want.

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(my shower is at a country club thats all i know )i have one coming up the last saturday in march im planning on wearing this dress thats tea length & has lace on it. but instead of it being the color in the pic its white & i don't know if im going to be wearing the ribbon which is a pool color.

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Oh Lucinda thats gorgeous! Kind of reminds me of my actual wedding dress exept tea length. My dress is a sweeheart cut, trumpet gown full antique lace. thats beautiful though.

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the pool blue ribbon would really pop & be pretty!

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@ Miss HC~ Awww thanks! just with what u told me of ur dress ur dress sounds amazingly awesome looking! yeah im thinking about wearing the ribbon & maybe a colored pair of shoes with the same color for my eyeshadow too!

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I had the hardest time finding a dress for my shower. You don't have to wear white, just make sure your comfortable. Most likely kinda conservative too.

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I went to Marshalls and found this for my bridal shower... Mine is on April 21st

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I'm wearing a blue and white striped dress from Hollister (which is actually way too short to be worn alone) with short white shorts and flip flops. It's right by a lake in April, so I'm going for cool and comfortable. But if yours is more formal, that wouldn't work. I'd go with whatever you feel comfortable in. I'm sure that dress you found is gorgeous. :)

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This is the dress & matching heels...i absolutly love it so i think im going to stick with it. Ignore my face lol just got off work!

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the top is a silk corral fabric & i just love it. =)

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wow I love that dress Lucinda posted

My Bridal Shower is next saturday on March 10th. I haven't quite decided what to wear but I'm thinking jeans or something. Maybe I should find a shirt that says bride on it.
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