Bridal Shower Locations in Pittsburgh
I am looking for a venue for my bridal shower. I am trying to assist my bridal party in finding a location as they are out of state. I am planning for no more than 40 people and the price range is 10-13 pp.

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Where are you in pgh area? Im in the McKeesport area and I do know of a couple places that are resonable. Rock Run Inn (Butlers Golf Course) in Elizabeth.Banquets Unlimited in wilmerding, they are really nice and they do have a room that would be perfect size. They include everything at a GREAT price. If these dont work for you let me know I have other names of places.But I dont know where you are at in pgh.

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Thanks! I am in the North Hills, but most of my family is in Westmoreland county. I originally wanted a tea party, but am finding the venues to be too pricey!

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Have you called The William Penn in downtown?or maybe the Hilton?
email me maybe I can help out a little if you need?
I'll keep searching around now that I know where you are located.

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