Bridal Party Reception Entrance Song??
I need some suggestions on what our bridal party and parents should walk into while being introduced at the reception.
My finance and I are going to be introduced to "I Believe In A Thing Called Love" by The Darkness.
Suggestions would be great!

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each set of my wedding party is getting their own song of their choice. My brother is walking into "dont stop believing" his favorite song FH and I are walking into "lets get married" the FG and RB are walking in to party in the USA( there 5 its the only song they know lol) our ushers are coming in on scooters to lead the way before FH and I....we are a bit nontraditional

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All's I know is we are all walking into "Enter Sandman" yes even FS and I ... our parents I may do Frank Sinatra's My Kind of Town ....

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We were thinking "The way you make me feel" by Michael Jackson for the bridal, maybe "Your Love" by ke$ha

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@ HryPtr10 I was thinking about the Michael Jackson song too

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we are doing all my rowdy friends by hank williams jr....i hope it gets everyone in the mood to drink.

Shannon S.
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We tried to do the Rocky theme, but the microphone and stereo wouldn't work at the same time. Oh well!

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LOL Lindsay - our whole bridal party is coming in to "Party in the USA". I thought it was fitting, since we had a wedding in Australia, and now this will be our American one. :) Of course our entrance is "Land Down Under"!

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I was going back and forth between Pink- Raise your glass or Get this party started.

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I'm having the same dilemma... I don't want our entrance song to be to some rump shaking music. Def. not me. I think my FH & I are going to use the song Sign, Sealed, Delivered by Stevie Wonder. Still need to come up with a song for my bridal party.

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Not sure, we are still waiting to get the party together to see what they want. I know the bride and groom is coming in on Michael Jackson" You are not alone". Me myself being perky and all would suggest "Hey Ya" for the party by Outcast. its fun, gets the guest claping and fun for the kids as well.

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We're doing the intro to Ozzy-Crazy Train. It describes us and the wedding party:)

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Our bridal party will be coming in to the Chicago Blackhawk's goal song, "Chelsea Dagger" by the Fratelli's. We have a lot of hockey fans in the crowd, and I think everyone will appreciate it. :) FH and I are still undecided, but I want something fun and upbeat.

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My bridal party will be introduced in to Neyo's "Champagne Life" song.

Groom and I are still debating our song...I want the black eyed peas song, "I got a feeling", but he wants something more who knows what it will be, LOL

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FH wants to use Forever- Chris Brown. But i think my BP is too furmpy to get into it

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Our's is coming to Bring Em Out, "whoooo, bring em out bring em out"

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Still looking myself..we have alot of younger kiddos in our wedding party and then one attendant each, then my folks...

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FH wants to walk into the "Are you ready????" intro. to a Korn song, so that was settled, but I definitely want something more light/fun for our bridal party ... great ideas ladies, thanks!

Gary's Amber
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Amber you got good taste. I like Ace Hood, "hustle hard. that's my joing!

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We're all doing "Marry You" but the Glee version hahaha

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Bridesmaids are walking out to Either Pretty girl rock or Glamourous and they guys are going to walking out to Hot Boyz by missy elliott and the groom and I are walking out to let it rock by kevin rudolph and lil wayne
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