Black-tie Optional Wedding
FH & I got invited to a black-tie optional wedding. What the heck should he wear? What should I wear? I've never been to anything so fancy... FH doesn't have anything even remotely close to a tux or full suit so we'd have to find him something. :-/

Pictures welcome!

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Amy "Been here too long" W.
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I asked this is a post a few months ago. Most ladies said a long gown for me and dark suit or tux for FS. Good Luck.

Stephanie Hickerty

Emindee Images
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Black tie optional means cocktail attire or tuxedo. For men a suit is appropriate, but if they want to wear a tux, they can. Check on tux might be cheaper than buying a suit. I haven't rented one in a while(for hubby), so I'm not sure. A cocktail dress would be appropriate for you (like a dressy dress you would wear to a Christmas or New Year's Eve party). You will find some people really take advantage of the situation to dress up since not many events are as dressy these days. Sounds like it will be an elegant affair! Hope you have a great time! :)

Emilie S.

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You can't go wrong with a little black dress. White HOuse Black market would be a perfect place for you to find that. For him renting a tux would probably be your cheapest option.

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Neither him nor i have anyhing remotely nice to wear to the wedding... which means we'll have to go shopping on little money we have. How much is it to rent a tux? Or really nice suit.
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I think the Math works out that if you rent a tux twice, it's better to buy it. If Jake is planning to wear a tux or dark suit for his marriage, maybe he should purchase it now and wear it to this wedding.


Proper Suit
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I think black tie events usually have people wearing tuxedos or a black suit.

I agree with the last post -- if you're going to have to rent a tuxedo for the wedding, you may as well buy one. I think tuxedo rentals usually run for about $250.

Proper Suit ( sells custom made suits, but we make custom tuxedos also if you're interested.

-- Christina

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How well do you know the bride and groom? If you know them well enough and know that they won't think you are silly to ask, then ask them exactly what attire they mean.

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FH rented a very nice Calvin Klein tux for a black tie event we went to for $149 from Men's Wearhouse.

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Sorry, hit post too soon.

We're going to a black tie wedding tonight, and I'm wearing this in black. FH is wearing a black suit, lime green shirt and black tie. I have a green silk wrap since its chilly tonight. I bought this for $80 at davids bridal after $20 discount. If you want I can give you my info and you can get the $20 off (any dress) as well. PM me if you need it.

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FH isn't wearing a tux for the wedding and the second wedding we are going to next weekend doesn't require a tux at all. It's actually been moved to the couples house so it won't be a black tie event at all and it wasn't a black tie event to begin with. We're going to look at cosignment stores and some thrift stores and then department stores. We don't want to pay an arm and a leg... i think i'll just ask the bride we're not super close but i want to make sure.

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I have a black velvet dress that i am going to wear. Do you think that will be an appropriate dress for an October wedding?? I'll buy a scarf or shawl or something to wear with it. I'm not at home right now but i'll post a picture of me in the dress later.

Shannon S.
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Velvet is best for holiday or winter parties, imo. For a black tie event, men should wear either a dark suit or tux. Women should wear a long dress (this may be your one shot to reuse a bridesmaid's dress!). You can also go knee-length, but the dress should have some sparkle or shine to it so it's still very dressy. And don't go TOO short!

Forever 21 has a lot of fun (and very affordable!) stuff:

Also, for shopping online, I like

(I host a lot of parties and therefore stock up on inexpensive cocktail and party dresses)

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Here is my velvet dress. I don't know... I'd much rather not spend too much money on anything extra since I'm not working. AND FH will wear a dark suit for the wedding, we just aren't going to rent a tux or buy one. We'll find something cheaper.

Also, I don't do strapless as I have big boobies and do not like strapless bras and don't want to spend money to buy a nice one.

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If your FH plans on wearing a dark suit for the wedding maybe he can buy it early. We are renting suits for the wedding from Mr. Tux and they are only $99 a piece they are really nice suits and include the shoes tie everything. Your Black velvet dress is nice and for a black tie event you can add some nice costume jewelry and bling it up to make it a little more dressy. Forever 21 and stores like Urban outfitters have great inexpensive accesories that can make your dress feel brand new.

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FH plans on wearing a khaki suit for the wedding.

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I think that your velvet dress will be lovely. Add a bit of color with a scarf, wrap, or jewelry.

Your FH should wear a dark suit, not khaki, for the Black Tie Optional event.

I adore formal. In fact, in the past, dinners at my home have been formal events, for Thanksgiving and Christmas. My father would never have though of coming to a holiday dinner, at any family members home, without being in a coat and tie. Guess that's where I got it. LOL!

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lol!!! Sorry, need to clarify. FH plans on wearing a khaki suit for our wedding.

I'm glad the velvet dress is okay so I don't have to spend extra money on a new dress!! Thanks for the input everyone. If I find anything cheaper, I'll keep it in mind as well. But FH needs to get something for the wedding and that is more important.

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And yes, I feel that your velvet dress will be perfect.

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For your guy, check Joseph A. Bank. From time to time, they have AMAZING deals and discounts on suits and tuxedos, and theirs are of superior quality. I would recommend buying a really great suit b/c chances are he'll be in need of one soon... I'm sure you'll be going to lots of swanky events and cocktails parties as happy newlyweds, giving him a chance to look sexy in a killer fitted suit!!

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While I understand completely not wanting to spend money on a suit for you FH, think of it as an investment. He will need a dark suit. No matter what business he's in, he needs to have a well-fitting dark suit for job interviews, business meetings, wedding, funerals, etc. If you can find a sale, spend the money. Like any good investment, a good suit can pay for itself. By looking good and feeling good, your FH can make a better impression on people and you never know who is going to be the person who leads to the big opportunity in the future. Plus, wait till you see how nice he cleans up!
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