50's vintage wedding ideas???
We just totally changed the theme of our wedding to vintage 50's. Although our wedding date is only 4 1/2 months away, I still don't have a dress. Budget is very limited and location is still undetermined. Yeah, I work best under pressure. Anyway, we are a 40's something couple...we've both been married before...we're interracial...are your creative juices flowing yet? Ok, I still love my "neopolitan ice cream" colors of chocolate, pink, and ivory. We first started talking about it because I had the idea of a sock hop reception complete with sliders, onion rings, milkshakes, and cupcakes. I thought bugers would be a lot cheaper than any other food for a reception. Then we started thinking of going more vintage "gangster" (we just saw "Gangster Squad" last night) so we started tossing around the idea of a pasta bar. Any thoughts?

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Well, 50s vintage is a little different than gangster vintage.

I think of the 30s when I think of gangster vintage. Typewriters, old cars, longer blingy type dress.

With the 50s, I think rock n roll, bright colors and a short tea-dress. I think it would be cool to have sliders and milkshakes along with cupcakes.

I would search google, that's what I did.

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oh....wait....MOTOWN! That's it!!!!

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Motown was the 60's. Elvis, Buddy Holly and such, were the 50's.

Roller skating waitresses; black and white checkered floors; white plates with silver milkshake containers, then poured in to soda fountain glasses; soda fountains.

The 50's. Not that I was there, I wasn't, but photos galore. LOL!

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50's makes me think vinyl records, poodle skirts, bowling shirts with your name on it, jukeboxes, white long sleeve shirts with sleeves rolled up, cig packs rolled into white t-shirt sleeves, greased back hair for guys, satin jackets..

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I'm not at all hung up on which decade it is...each decade mentioned has the theme I mentioned...that's not what matters. The idea process led to a motown theme...bride and groom look remains the same which each theme which is similar to the pics posted. When you hear Motown theme what food do you think of?

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When I hear of a Motown theme I think of a music focus. But if your talking about clothes I'd stick with 60's styles. Like having your bridesmaids in short mod dresses. I'll post a few links to some stuff I've found.



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pinterest has vintage ideas and several beautiful tea length dresses that would be perfect for a 50's theme...good luck

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@Jennifer D what a cute idea! Have you tried browsing the 'real weddings' and other galleries in the 'Photos' section of WeddingWire?! There are literally thousands of photos and you can browse by theme too!

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I found these vinyl table numbers today: https://www.etsy.com/listing/116486430/retro-vintage-style-mod-wedding-table they might be the kind of thing you're looking for.

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Jennifer...maybe this webpage will help spark some idea's.


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I could only think of coney dogs as far as food ideas....but this site gave some good ideas for naming foods and drings (Marvin Gaye Margarita's..Please Mr. Postman Potaties ) LOL..kinda cute.


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Thanks everyone for your input! I'm super excited now...I think we've offically decided to go 60's/70's Motown theme! I think we'll go for soul food--fried chicken, mac and cheese, greens, cornbread, etc. For table decorations-- LP's, rhinestones, candles, and photos of our parents, grandparents, and aunts and uncles during those decades....of course there may be some childhood photos of us too.
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I made an inspiration board a few years ago with a retro '50's theme. Hope you like:


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one of my friends is kinda doing this theme! she decided on records for table numbers, she also found old soda bottles, and doing milk shakes!! :)
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Have you looked at http://www.millcrestvintage.com for a dress?

We also have some great inspirational boards on pinterest... just to help.

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