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I am getting married in October and outside wedding. We are having a camo wedding. I need some help. the men will be wearing camo pants and not sure on the shirts yet. and the girls are wearing tan dresses. i need some ideas on decorations and what kind of shirts for the men to wea. Any ideas will be helpful.

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sounds cool, though since you guys are all wearing camo..maybe decorations could be in a complimentary color like light green or pale whites
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Hello! Your theme sounds really interesting! If you have some time I would love to help you out a little bit. If you want to email a few things I'll be happy to help brain storm with you:

1. What type of camo?
2. What's your budget like?
3. Where is the reception being held?
4. What do you envision for the big day?

I hope to hear from you soon!
Dannie Goddu
Raffine Events
Hampton, VA
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Awesome theme! We love all things unique. We can offer you many things to coordinate with your wedding. We specialize in Custom Card Boxes (check out our website on here or

We also have a camp ceremony/reception accessory set that is super chic. Also any stationery you may need - menu cards, placecards, etc we can design something for you.

Custom orders are what we pride ourselves on.

Please let us know if you have any questions. You can reach us at

For The Modern Bride

Creative Celebrations Sales Team

Creative Celebrations, Inc.
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Interestign choice and Camo is becoming more and more common a wedding theme!!

We carry camo garter, baskets,sashes and pillows.

Check out our website:

Happy hunting :)

Creative Celebrations Inc
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I've always wanted to photograph a camo wedding. Take a look at my portfolio and let me know if you'd be interested in my services.


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My FH and I are doing a semi-camo wedding because of our background in outdoors. The guys are wearing hunting camo vests (mossy oak break up) and then black dress jeans. Do you want more of a classy look or redneck? Our cake is going to look like an aspen tree with branches but our cake topper is a little redneck.
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As to decorations or colors, it seems to me there should be some blaze orange.

Custom Printables

Bull City Studio
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Hey, congrats on your October wedding! I love camo as a theme, and would love to be able to design custom favors such as candy wrappers, as well as table cards, escort cards, and anything else you need that can be put on paper. I specialize in custom designs that you print yourself, which saves you a ton of money. Check out my website (I have a custom candy wrapper that uses camo as a theme) and I'd be happy to work with you to create the camo designs of your dreams!

Best wishes!

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I am not having a Camo wedding but when looking for my dress, I ran across a couple of Camo Wedding dress sites (I put the links below). My florist also told me that she did a camo bouquet by airbrushing wight flowers the exact same pattern as the brides dress!

Good Luck!

Krystle M.

Elegance by Krystle
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Hi! Congratulations!

I would be more than happy to create a neat custom wedding invitation for you. You wedding sounds very, very neat. I LOVE unique ideas and themes.

Thank you
Krystle Miller

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We are going to be doing a semi-camo outdoors wedding. I am getting my dress from this site. Thought I would share. I don't have alot planned out yet or else I would try to give you more ideas.

Hope this site helps.,ProductName
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Very interesting theme choice. Is this war camo or hunting camo?

If it's war camo, I have no suggestions but to wish you lots of luck.

As for the men's shirts, why not go with a high quality white golf shirt or a short sleeve heavy cotton camp shirt. You probably will want to forgo the buttonaires, in this case, as it would just look dumb.

If it's hunting camo then you can go with a rustic cabin feel. Set your tables like picnic tables, with lanterns and a collection of potted ferns for your centerpieces.
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I have camo return address labels! in green/khaki/brown or pink/green/khaki. If you're interested, let me know!

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How about using square hay bales for chairs. And centerpieces with Wildflowers in Mason Jars.
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We just did a camo wedding. What fun. He was in the Army and she was in the Marines and both loved hunting and fishing. I wish I could show you a picture of the camo cake made by the local Publix. Fabulous. Our website has camo accessories and favors. I don't know how you feel about this but our Florida couple had an alligator head with its mouth stuffed with flowers as the centerpiece at the head table. Tan "crocodile hunter" shirts would look good.

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Hi, I am also doing a camo theme wedding (mossey oak). my girls are going to wear brown dresses with green sashes (MOH opposit)... the guys are wearing nice jeans with a green and tan shooter shirt from cabelas. my ring barers are going to wear jeans a long sleve shirt (not sure what color) with a camo vest, and the flowe girl is going to wear a ivory colored dress with a camo sash. Have you found your dress yet? check out i got mine there. as far as favors go I will probably be putting candy or something edibable in some bags or something and accenting it with camo. Our table cloths are going to be brown green and cream. We did not want too much camo. Hope this helped :) and congrats

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I am also having a camo wedding. I just started at this site but feel free to check out my page for some ideas. Also if you would like feel free to message me on here or email me at I also have a wedding blog on weddingbycolor and my name on there is waitingfortheday. Hopefully I can help you some. I for sure think you should pick a color and then accent with the camo though. To much camo looks very very busy and is hard to see the other details in your wedding especially in pictures. We are doing black with mossy oak camo accents and touches of hot pink like in the flowers and such. I love this theme and I think it has really become popular over the last year .... more and more places are adding camo stuff for weddings. You might want to check out a few of these websites: (they have camo fabric and ribbon)

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Another great site for camo wedding stuff is
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