When you buy wedding dress??

Ashley, on June 29, 2021 at 2:55 PM Posted in Wedding Attire 0 6
I’m currently on a weight loss and health journey. I’ve been trying to eat better and have been losing weight over the last few months, even before I got engaged. Not only am I trying to lose weight to feel more confident in my skin, but I’m also losing it for health reasons as well. Since I have been on my journey, have lost around 15 pounds just from exercising daily and cutting out fast food and plan on losing more.

However my biggest dilemma is when to buy my wedding dress if I am losing weight. I would like to weight to reach my goal weight to buy my dress but I know that is risky. My wedding roughly 12 months away.
Any suggestions?


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  • Stacey
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    How much more weight do you want to lose? Most dresses can be altered up to two sizes, and a size is about 10-15 pounds (each). So, if you have more than say 30 pounds to lose, I might pause a little bit longer until you get into alterations range.

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    Oh yes, I actually would like to lose around 30 pounds between now and October/November.
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  • Rosie
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    I agree with Stacey. It depends how much you want to lose, and what kind of dress you want, as some will be harder and more expensive to alter than others.

    I was in a similar boat to you - in the process of losing weight when I bought my dress. I only JUST fit into the sample dress (with some back flub and a bit too much cleavage) and so I bought the size up, just in case I didn't lose anything (because imagine the nightmare of not fitting into your dress!) Since then I've probably lost about... 13 pounds. So I might have fitted into the sample size after all, but I'm still glad I bought the one I did.

    I think the only other thing is, 30 pounds is a LOT of weight to lose, and if you bought a dress too early, you might have chosen something different by the time you get to your new size and shape, so if possible I would wait until a little bit closer to your goal weight to shop.

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  • Diana Scott
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    I was in the same boat. I waited until I had 6 months left and bought my dress. I got it a size smaller because I was still losing weight. Just wait until you’re a few months away before ordering. Make sure you ask the seamstress how difficult or how long it takes to take a dress in.
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  • Nisha
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    I'm losing weight for my wedding too. I've lost 20 lbs (181.4 down to 161.2) since April 12th, but still wanna lose at least 20 more by September... but my ultimate goal is 130, so 31 lbs more. I'm going dress shopping in September and will order in my size at the time. Wedding is 5/20/22.
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  • S
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    Samantha ·
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    Congratulations on your weight loss! I'm currently on a Slim Down for the Gown Journey myself! Lost 23 pounds and want to lose 30 more! I bought my dress at the size I am currently and made sure that the gown could be altered for any weight lost before I signed the dotted line.
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