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When to buy beer?

Dizzy, on September 29, 2021 at 5:14 PM Posted in Planning 1 5

Our wedding is in 24 days! My work is super busy leading up to the big day, plus fiance about to start a new job- thinking to plan ahead. We are DIY everything so there is a lot we need to do week of. Found out the liquor store will deliver to our house (not to venue unfortunately- it's too far).

When should we order the booze? We are only buying beer since we made wine. Can we do it in the next week or so and get it out of the way, or will it go bad?


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    Are you buying kegs, cans, or bottles? Cans or bottles would be fine to be purchased now, as long as you can store them somewhere they won't get hot. But if you are buying kegs, I would ask the store for their advice.

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    We're buying cans and they will be stored in our basement, which is cool.

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    You are good to buy now, we just did for a similar date. Do check the dates on the boxes, most beer has a several months of shelf life but just to be sure they don’t bring something that’s been sitting around!
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    My wedding is in 23 days and we ordered all our liquor today. Luckily the store we got it from is going to deliver it to the venue the day before the wedding. There were a few things the store didn’t have so I bought a few items elsewhere and have already purchased them.
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  • CountryBride
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    I would order ASAP
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