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When Do the Guys Pay for the Tux? At Fitting? Or Pick-Up?

Spunky kraut, on May 19, 2011 at 9:37 PM Posted in Wedding Attire 0 7

I'm taking my dad to Men's Wearhouse tomorrow to get fitted for his tux. My FH & I are paying for him. Just curious if I'll be expected to pay for the tux tomorrow, or if you pay at the time that you pick the tux up. Can someone let me know please. Thanks! Smiley smile


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    Elizabeth ·
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    When we got my FH's tux for prom, he paid up front at the fitting. I don't know if it's standard at all tux stores, but I THINK his came from the Wearhouse or similar.

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  • Fonsetta
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    Fonsetta ·
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    My FH and his BM are getthing their tux from men's wearhous. You pay a $40 deposit now, and pay the remainder when they pick up a day or two prior to the wedding. They can get sized anytime in between.

    You can pay up front if you like.

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  • Spunky kraut
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    Spunky kraut ·
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    Thank you Fonsetta & Elizabeth! Happy Planning to you both!

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  • dragonfly726
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    dragonfly726 ·
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    We just went through the whole process with Men's Wearhouse. To set up a "group" for a wedding the couple needs to put down a $40 deposit, which will go toward the groom's rental or be refunded at pick up if the groom decides to take advantage of the free tux rental option. All other members of the wedding party will put down a $20 deposit toward their rental at the time of fitting and pay the rest when they pick it up. Group members will have 1 month to get fitted from the time that the group is set up. The tux rental staff at MW will go over all of this with you in detail when you go in to set up the group account.

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  • Future Mrs. St Hillaire
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    Future Mrs. St Hillaire ·
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    That is good to know. My FH will also be getting his tux as well as the BM and GMS tux's there too. But I think his deposit will be cheaper since he works for them I have to make sure.

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  • Sunny
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    Sunny ·
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    Mine doesn't have to pay his until he picks it up.

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  • S
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    Susan ·
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    What if the groomsmen are purchasing suits rather than renting Tuxes? Is it still a $40 deposit?
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