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What's your 'something sentimental’?

Lynnie, on July 17, 2019 at 11:00 AM Posted in Community Conversations 0 16

Are you adding any special sentimental touches to your wedding? Whether it’s your ‘something old’ or a vintage accessory, will you have ‘something sentimental’?

What's your 'something sentimental’? 1

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Latest activity by Brandi, on July 22, 2019 at 12:40 AM
  • Katie
    Super November 2019
    Katie ·
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    My Grandfather passed away almost 5 years ago and my FH's Grandfather has been gone a year this month so we decided to put their pictures in charms on my bouquet. I also will be wearing the blue sapphire ring that my Grandfather gave to my Grandmother for their 25th anniversary and they then gave to me for my 16th birthday.
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  • Allie
    Master August 2019
    Allie ·
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    My something sentimental is actually included in my seating chart. I had some old fencing from my beloved goat's pen that my mom turned into my seating chart.

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  • Madelyn
    Expert August 2019
    Madelyn ·
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    I have a few things that are sentimental I started out with just a blue shirt from my Papa who passed away last year so a piece of that is being sewn into my dress. And then my sister is letting me use an old family ring of hers that our grandma gave her as my something borrowed. Which is so cool because my sister also used it as her something old when she got married last year. And finally my grandma (same one who originally gave my sister the ring) wants me to use the necklace she wore when her and my Papa got married so I’m also incorporating that as my something old 💙
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  • Christie
    Dedicated October 2019
    Christie ·
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    My wedding band is my grandmother's and has both of my grandparents' initials engraved in it. The earrings I plan on wearing were my other grandmother's and are sapphires, which is our birthstone. I'm also surprising my family with a separate cake that is my great-grandmother's and is a family favorite.
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  • Makenzye
    Devoted July 2019
    Makenzye ·
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    I gave a sign and my dads favorite hat in the first chair on the front row to honor him. he passed away when I was 12 the sign say reserved for father of the bride and its his name

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  • K
    Expert February 2020
    Kristina ·
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    My something sentimental is a crochet lace cross, the size of maybe a dollar bill that has been passed down to each women on my mom's side. I will carry this on my wedding day, although I am not sure where yet. My mom had it in her flowers on her day and I do the same. I have 6 months to decide Smiley smile

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  • Cori
    Devoted June 2020
    Cori ·
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    We will have a display with pictures and candles to honor FH mom, dad, and oldest sister.
    I will also have pink carnations for my sorority sisters who are coming and will have a special dance that they don’t know about yet with one of the songs we would have at formals. I’m going to try and put my badge some where on my bouquet as well.
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  • Tamera
    Expert May 2020
    Tamera ·
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    We have a few sentimental things. My engagement ring belonged to my FH's great-grandmother. I am making coasters from tree slices that my dad cut down from my grandparents property. And there will be a bell on every table from my grandma's bell collection for guests to "ring for a kiss". I would also like to have a memorial table with photos of people that passed away and were not able to be at our wedding.

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  • Brianna N
    Super October 2019
    Brianna N ·
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    I will have charms on my bouquet that include my Papa (who was basically my father), and a few other super close people I've lost. I will also be getting FH memorial cufflinks with a picture of his dad that has passed away (but it is a suprise!).

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  • Monique
    Master December 2019
    Monique ·
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    I am having a garter made from my moms old dress. The top of the dress will go to my sister and the rest of the dress is being used for my rehearsal dress. For the day of it will just be the garter.
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  • Amanda
    Expert October 2019
    Amanda ·
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    3 of my 4 grandparents have passed away & FH grandpa & uncle have passed away. Both my grandfather's were in the military so I'm having a pin from their uniforms pinned to the bow around my bouquet along with my FHs dog tags(he is former military) butterflies are sentimental to me so I'm having a green butterfly pin in my bouquet as well for my grandma(her favorite color was green) we're also getting lockets & putting a picture of FHs grandpa & uncle in his grandma's corsage & dad's boutonniere. The bow on my bouquet with also be old lace that was used to make my mom's wedding dress.
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  • Laura
    Master October 2019
    Laura ·
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    A few things...wearing the charm from the necklace my mom wore when she married my dad. I'm also pinning one of my dad's army medals under my gown. It's blue, so I have something old and something new set. They've passed on so it's my way of including them. We're having the wedding on what would have been my beloved grandma's 100th birthday, and we're having the wedding and reception and the community center we met at back in 1985 at a dance. Lots of sentimental things for us!

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  • Trista
    VIP September 2019
    Trista ·
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    My flower girl is wearing a purple pearl necklace that used to belong to my grandma. When I was a little girl, everytime I went to her house, I just HAD to wear it. The flower girl is FHs adopted little sister who I love dearly. Also, FH is wearing a white jacket as a memorial to his dad that passed away when he was a kid. His dad wore a white suit when he married FHs mom. I also might be wearing my mom's hairpieces from her wedding.
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  • 8Bitbek
    Devoted October 2020
    8Bitbek ·
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    I'm going to have quite a few sentimental touches to my wedding. I never knew my grandmother because she passed away when my dad was only 12 years old, and his father passed when I was 9; so I'm going to have a bouquet charm with a picture of the two of them so they can be with me. I'm also going to have a "Wish You Were Here" table with pictures of aunts, uncles, and cousins who are no longer with us so their presence can still be felt and honored. My Papa is battling dementia, so my Nana doesn't think going to the wedding is a good idea and it's killing her because she really wants to be there. Last summer FH went down to visit for a long weekend and when we were there, my Nana gave me a necklace so I'm going to wear that so she can be with me, too. I have to go because my eyes have wet things in them.

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  • Erin
    VIP December 2020
    Erin ·
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    My mom slipped and told me at my dress appointment that I am getting an heirloom pearl necklace from my grandmother. It is a string of pearls that has apparently been passed down to the 1st granddaughter for I don't know how long, it will go to my daughter's daughter next (if she has one, if not I guess I'll have to figure it out from there xD) I don't actually like pearls all that much, but it has such meaning that how could I not wear them? I actually ended up picking a tiara that has crystals and pearls on it to help tie the necklace into my beaded dress.

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  • Brandi
    Devoted September 2021
    Brandi ·
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    Yes, going to have a picture of my brother in my bouquet. Also going to have memory table in the front table each with a photo of passed loved ones.
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