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What Spawned Your Wedding Meltdown?

MrsC, on July 13, 2013 at 10:17 AM Posted in Planning 0 33
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I had my first MAJOR breakdown last night. Ya know, the one where you scream and cry and are ready to call off the wedding and just get married at the court house. Mine was over budget and feeling like I can't pull off the wedding that everyone else wants with the little money we have. All I wanted was a simple backyard BBQ w/just family. Everyone else wants the fancy stuff - including my man - and kept convincing me we could do it. The thought of failing is weighing on me heavier than any planning detail.

So I'm curious...for those of you who experienced that meltdown moment...what caused yours?


  • Nicole S. (formerly Nicole C)
    Master October 2013
    Nicole S. (formerly Nicole C) ·

    Well- you've seen my post about my bridal shower.... that's pretty much the only thing that's really gotten me so far. I'm hitting the wall right about now myself. lol

  • ECM
    Master November 2013
    ECM ·

    Haven't had one yet. Came close when I got into an altercation with a manager who didnt want to go get me my items I ordered from a website that was delivered to her store. That ended in her apologizing to me so meltdown averted.

  • Amanda
    Master August 2013
    Amanda ·

    Had my first public meltdown since childhood at my first dress fitting. My dress was too small, needed a ton of work, and the seamstress barely spoke English. I was already under a ton of stress, and that was the last straw. It was bad. I was up on the pedestal, in my dress, trying not to sob, on a busy Saturday afternoon.

    Went to my second fitting and all is fixed :-)

  • A
    Master April 2014
    Aleykit* ·

    I had one last night too! :-/ I was fretting over the budget, and I am upset with my dad because he is being a complete jerk! We are having our wedding at a ballroom, so everyone is expecting it to be grand. I mean, it will be nice, but it will be what we can afford.

  • J&B
    Master September 2013
    J&B ·

    I sobbed for hours last night over our invitations.

  • MrsC
    Super September 2013
    MrsC ·

    Nice to know we are not alone. I had another moment this morning. My FMIL started in on us about why FH's nephew is not included in the wedding. She was accusing us of focusing on his nieces and ignoring his nephew. At first we calmly explained that since his nephew has no money we didn't want him to feel pressured to say yes and have to spend money he doesn't have on nice clothes. My FH was suppose to talk to his sister about it...which he didn't. His fault and he knows it. However, instead of accepting that we were not ignoring him she went on and on about why he can't do something and its all about the girls. She wouldn't stop. I lost it and I yelled at her - which I never do to anyone except my man. lol Even after pointing out that my four nieces and my own brother are not in the wedding she kept going on. Really over everyone thinking this wedding is about them.

  • Asheyna
    Super August 2013
    Asheyna ·

    Invitations. Making them, and people harassing me about when they're going to get theirs.

  • kahlcara
    Master August 2013
    kahlcara ·

    Invites and guest list were the big one..

  • MrsC
    Super September 2013
    MrsC ·

    Interesting how many invite related meltdowns there are. Y'all think it is because those are the commitment to the world that this day is happening? Or is that being too deep? ha

  • Emily
    Expert June 2014
    Emily ·

    Mine was when I had just booked my venue and went to lunch with my mom. I was all excited to show her pictures. Then she tells me that, oups, my brother was planning on having his wedding the next day. Both my brother and sister got engaged within a few months of me so we have three weddings next year. I kinda lost it, my mom kept trying to tell me it would be okay and I was just like "No it won't!! Either I'm going to lose my deposit and have to push my wedding way back or my brother and his fiance are going to hate me!" Of course it was fine...we are all pretty chill people in my fam and they didn't have a problem picking a different weekend. They hadn't really done any planning yet. I was just pmsing that day and got extremely anxious for no real reason, which I realized the next day when my period started.

  • MrsC
    Super September 2013
    MrsC ·

    LOL, Emily. Have to say I would have been a little upset too. Glad they had only picked a date and not done any planning. Honestly two weddings, same family, one day after another...sounds very stressful to me. But congrats to all of you and congrats for working it out! Big year for your fam!!!

  • vanalys
    Dedicated September 2013
    vanalys ·

    I haven't had one yet.i think..well I almost canceled our venue bc 2 weeks ago after having a balance of 1k the owner of our venue wanted to change my price by adding stupid fees(bridal suite and matrie'd) and when I spoke to the banquet manager she apologized canceled the fees and told me he was adding weird fees out of nowhere.The girl quit and he begged her to come back!

  • LaurenVictoria
    Super October 2013
    LaurenVictoria ·

    Ok I haven't had an actual breakdown yet but I've been very close. It's mostly related to

    1) Budget - I'm trying to save money where possible, but at the same time I want the wedding I want, trying to balance it. We thought we would have more $ from parents (my mom calculated an amount but then unexpected expenses came up and now there's less to use for wedding.) I just don't know how we're going to pay for this sometimes..

    2) Feeling like I'm doing this on my own. I'm basically planning the whole thing my self. I'm ok with most of it but it's a lot to handle. I'll ask FH to take care of something once in awhile and he can't even do that. The other day he was off work and I wasn't, so I texted him and said, "Could you call the hotel and see how many rooms have been booked so far? Thanks! ". He called. Coordinator was at lunch. He forgot to call back. It's ONE THING, MAN! ONE THING!

  • Mrs. A
    VIP November 2013
    Mrs. A ·

    U girls arecso calm. I ve had one once per monthvsince being engaged. My worst was at my 8 th (yes 8th) wedding dress store. I specifically told them I did not evem want to look at a strapless gown and she brought me in 5 to try on. I told her to please leave me alone started hysterical crying and told my moh that I wanted to cancel the wedding and go to vegas. I'm ok today though!

  • Kim
    Master June 2014
    Kim ·

    When I first started planning, I was going back and forth over doing the courthouse thing or a wedding with the whole she-bang. I felt so guilty over spending that amount of money on a day just for me because FH would have been fine just doing the courthouse thing. It really tore me up for some reason. Like full on ugly cry. I felt like we would just be putting ourselves behind. Ultimately, I realized screw iit, t's my day and I'm doing a wedding and it's going to be one hell of a party. I still cringe when I breakdown our budget but we're making it work!

  • We'llAlwaysHaveParis
    Master November 2013
    We'llAlwaysHaveParis ·

    One breakdown involving both Centerpieces and invitations. Mostly centerpieces.

  • Vanessa
    Dedicated August 2013
    Vanessa ·

    Trying on dresses. I had to do it myself since all my bridesmaids are in other provinces and my "friends" are self-centered a$$holes. Totally started crying and the poor sales girl... oh man, just embarrassing.

  • ... just add coffee
    VIP October 2013
    ... just add coffee ·

    Mine have been money related mostly. I try not to be stressed about it and FH keeps saying we'll be fine... but then I start adding the numbers of EVERY. TINY. DETAIL and I freak out.

    We also have 2 weddings to attend (1 of which we are both IN) before our OWN wedding in 3 months.

    There's just not enough money.

  • WasSoon2Bmrs
    Expert July 2014
    WasSoon2Bmrs ·

    My most recent meltdown was because my mother does not seem to want to be involved ... I told her how I felt, went home and cried like a baby on FH chest!

    But I have been so emotional since we've started planning this wedding that I'm starting to think I'm crazy!! :

  • SW517
    Super May 2014
    SW517 ·

    Been working on STD and invited tonight. Had to put it away before I lost it. Crisis averted... for tonight at least.

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