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Wedding thoughts

TONYA, on August 12, 2020 at 11:44 AM Posted in Planning 0 9
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I've thought about combining my wedding ceremony with my retirement party; sort of an end if one chapter and the beginning of another. Is this a good idea? Where should I begin?


Latest activity by Tonya, on August 12, 2020 at 4:58 PM
  • Melle
    Rockstar June 2019
    Melle ·
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    It’s not a terrible idea but I feel like I’d wanna give each a separate celebration
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  • L
    Devoted September 2020
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    I like this idea. Especially if the two parties were going to have to be very close together, it saves time and energy for you to just do both
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  • Kimberly
    Expert March 2021
    Kimberly ·
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    I wouldn’t do this. Your wedding isn’t just about you, it’s about you and your FH and the celebration of your marriage.
    A retirement party is just about the person retiring so it would just be about you. Doesn’t your FH deserve to be celebrated at his wedding too?
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  • Molly
    Rockstar September 2020
    Molly ·
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    I agree with PP. I would keep them separate. If you want to do a nod to your retirement you could do a fun cake or something.

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  • V
    Master July 2019
    Veronica ·
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    I also agree that I would keep the two separate. A wedding is about the couple, but a retirement party is about the individual person.
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  • Pirate & 60s Bride
    Legend March 2017
    Pirate & 60s Bride ·
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    I agree separate is best.
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  • Rebelle Fleur
    VIP January 2021
    Rebelle Fleur ·
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    I would keep them separate. Your wedding day is a very special day that you share with your life partner and I think that should be the focus of the day.
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  • Jana
    Rockstar October 2022
    Jana ·
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    Keep them separate.
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  • Tonya
    Just Said Yes September 2022
    Tonya ·
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    Thank you all for your comments; I truly appreciate your insight and opinions. I will take what you all have said and give it serious thought. I haven't begun to plan anything at all so now is the best time to change perspective.
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