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Wedding Scrapbook

on October 17, 2020 at 8:22 AM Posted in Do It Yourself 1 5
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Has anyone made a scrapbook of the wedding planning process? I was thinking it would be fun to document things like the proposal, wedding dress shopping, fabric swatches, snippets of contracts (copies, of course!), etc. I don't have much to include yet, but it could be a creative way to fill some time since my wedding isn't until 2022.

If you've made one, did you work on it as you went along in the process, or save everything until after the wedding/honeymoon and use it as a project to kind of relive the experience?


Latest activity by Ashley, on October 17, 2020 at 10:59 PM
  • Merline
    Super February 2020
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    My SIL did one! It was actually very helpful to me when I was planning mine!
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  • L
    Rockstar July 2022
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    I'm actually working on this right now! Mine is more of a memory book instead of a wedding planning book. I intend to display it at my wedding, which is postponed to 2022. I've been working on it as time goes on, since I want to make sure I record the memories before I forget some of them (and also because I don't trust that I'll actually set aside time after my wedding to do the scrapbook). I'm also including notes of memories and such, fabric swatches, pictures from each step of the way, random things like a drink coaster from the restaurant we went to for lunch on the day of our engagement, etc.
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  • Marissa
    Expert October 2020
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    I'm going to be starting this soon! I just had my wedding and I wasn't planning on making a scrapbook, but now I really want to display all our things from our wedding journey starting from proposal. I will also write little journal entries of the memories while everything is still fresh in my mind! I was also thinking of making a shadow box to display on our wall. Like you mentioned, this project will be like reliving the experiences I had, and it's exciting to have another project to keep me busy after all the wedding planning 馃槉
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  • Meghan
    Rockstar October 2019
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    I didn鈥檛 make a scrapbook, but I do have a memory box. We had it custom made with our names and wedding date. We put several items from our wedding, including all of the cards we received, in it.

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  • A
    Expert October 2021
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    I鈥檓 not using a scrapbook, but I am using a second wedding planner where I memory plan.
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