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Wedding resell /recycle

Monica, on June 21, 2019 at 9:57 AM Posted in Planning 0 8
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What are sone good websites where I can find people selling items from their wedding. I have looked at my local Craigslist & offerup, and an app called Mercari. I am also checking ebay. I found a few “wedding resell” websites but Im not too sure their trustworthy. Some of the ads look like they are from wedding companies.

Let me know if any of you have used any wedding resell sites or which you recommend.

Also, how early is too early to start buying wedding decor. Im most likely going the DIY route and I have seen a few things I would like as decor. Do I buy now for a spring 2020 wedding, i feel like once its sold thats it and I dont want to regret not jumping on it when I had the chance. Is it too early, or do I wait?


  • Allie
    Rockstar August 2019
    Allie ·

    I don't think it's too early to start buying decor as long as you have your venue booked and know what you will need. Without a venue, you might over or under buy. I ended up going with an all inclusive venue which provides all the decor I want.

  • Monica
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    Monica ·
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    I think i have an overall idea of what im looking for. So far my search is starting w centerpieces. I sometimes second guess myself because i get a little too excited to cross things off my list and I tend to get excited with decorations in general lol
  • Monica
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    Monica ·
    Has anyone used
  • Jessica
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    Jessica ·
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    Yes, I agree with Allie.

    There is also a website that does wedding resell stuff and seems legit. A couple actually created the site after their wedding to get rid of their stuff. I can't recall the URL, but i found it just googling 'used wedding websites' or something to that effect.

    I personally have got some AMAZING deals off FB Marketplace. I found a woman who made the wedding hangers for my 4 girls for only $5 each.
    Another woman had table linens I needed. I got all 13 (only needed 10) plus 2 large galvanized buckets and 6 burlap table runners and 5 yards of tulle for only $65. The absolute cheapest table linen i could find in this size was $14 each and that was from China and i was worried about the quality.

    To buy those table linens would have cost $182.
    The table runners would have cost $35
    And the galvanized tubs would have been $30
    That totals $247! So I saved AT LEAST $185.
    Also, when you're on ebay, look at the 'wedding lots'. You can get pretty good deals there too. Remember if you for whatever reason don't need everything in the lot you can always resell it on ebay. That's what I've personally done.
  • Candice
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    Candice ·
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    Agree. Never too early (as long as your already engaged) to start buying little things to offset costs later. Especially if you see a good deal. My wedding isn't until 7/2020 but I bought my head peice and veil (Normally $100) online for $12 from facebook marketplace. Also on facebook people are usually willing to give you a deal if you give them a reasonable offer for things out of the "wedding lots" posted. Though do your math and your research because some people over price their items too, just have to watch out.

  • Monica
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    Monica ·
    I dont have Facebook but i was literally just asking a friend last night if it’s possible to have maketplace without a Facebook account lol. MIL has gotten good deals on there and I feel like im missing out. Guess its time to make an account. Also, ppl have not responded to me on offerup. Its SOOO frustrating. Like Helloo HII I WOULD TO BUY YOUR STUFF PLEASEEEE. Ok. Partial rant over.
  • Sydney
    Savvy January 2020
    Sydney ·

    I have found a lot on Facebook Marketplace!

  • S
    November 2018
    Sandra ·

    I have items to sell and have had trouble finding venues to do so. If you are looking for more classic type items, I have mirrors, picture frames, signs, table numbers (in navy) and other misc items. I am in north central ohio.

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