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Wedding Party??

Rachel, on November 16, 2019 at 3:15 PM Posted in Family and Relationships 0 1
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Hi everyone! My fiancé and I are having a “destination” wedding in orange beach AL next year. Our friends/family are scattered throughout the entire country and we are planning to only have a MOH and best man with no additional wedding party members. We want to do this so that no one feels obligated to come to our wedding because they’re in the wedding party. However, I did want to send each member of our would-be wedding party a separate card in the mail explaining on how much their presence would mean to us on our wedding day. Does anyone have ideas on how this could be worded, or advice for what to do in this situation? Thanks in advance Smiley smile


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    Hey there, Rachel.

    This is a nice idea, however, adding a separate card in the mail with this note may make them feel under pressure to attend, and from your message I'm understanding that this is something you want to avoid. Personally, I feel like the invitation is sufficient. Do you not feel like an invitation is enough?

    Along with the invitation, you could reach out to each of the would-be wedding party directly and express this, however, you may risk making them feel under pressure!

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