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Wedding party hotel rooms!

Ashley, on September 16, 2019 at 12:41 PM Posted in Etiquette and Advice 0 2
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So my wedding is sort of a destination wedding? Me and FH live here in Vermont but mostly everyone will have to travel quite a ways. Since were getting married in the busy season, our hotel is requiring a 2 night stay. I’m not sure what the etiquette is on reserving and paying for rooms for our wedding party. We can rent two 5-bedroom suites for the night before and the night of the wedding for the guys and girls and then I’m planning on seeing if the manager will give us a 1 bedroom room for 1 night for me and FH the night of the wedding. I guess my question is what about the sig others of our bridal party?? Where do they sleep?! Get their own rooms? Stay in the big suite with their sig others or do girls in one room and guys in the other?! Help I’m stuck!!


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    If you want to cover lodging for your wedding party, I think that's awesome. Especially if you can accommodate everyone getting their own room for just themselves or themselves and their significant other if they bring a date. We had two blocked hotels (one cheaper & one nicer, we stayed in the nicer one). All our guests stayed in the main one. We had 9 bridesmaids & 10 groomsmen. We didn't cover their lodging, and it was 100% optional if they wanted to stay in the hotel or not. Our wedding was on a Saturday. Here's what they did:

    - Two groomsmen & 1 of the GM date shared a room Friday & Saturday night.

    - Three groomsmen (two with dates) got their own individual rooms and stayed Thursday-Sunday

    - Two groomsmen got their own room and stayed Friday-Sunday (one brought his girlfriend)

    - One groomsman checked in Saturday night (with his girlfriend)

    - One groomsman stayed with a friend nearby (he brought his girlfriend too)

    - One groomsman stayed at his house (about 30 minutes away from the hotel)

    - Three bridesmaids got their own rooms (one brought a date) and stayed Thursday-Sunday

    - One bridesmaid stayed at a friends house (10 minutes from the hotel)

    - Five bridesmaids stayed at the hotel Friday-Sunday in their own rooms

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    Heres what we are doing.

    We rented a 9 bedroom cabin for us and our bridal party. It has three floors. We have bridal party members that over lap and some that don't. We also have bridal party members with kids coming. We covered the cost of the cabin for our wedding party, their SO's and children.

    Wedding party hotel rooms! 1

    This floor will have:

    My MOH, her husband and their infant in a king room. My bridesmaid, her busband (a groomsmen) and their infant in another king room. My bridesmaid and a close friend of ours in a queen bunk room. A grooms men and his plus one (his brother) in another bunk room.

    Wedding party hotel rooms! 2

    This floor will have:

    Best man and his girlfriend
    Groomsman and his girlfriend

    Another groomsman and a good friend of his sleeping on floor
    bridesmaid and her girlfriend

    Wedding party hotel rooms! 3

    This floor will be FH and I and our kiddo

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