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Wedding party gifts

Samantha, on June 27, 2020 at 2:17 PM Posted in Planning 0 5
I am set to get married 12/19/2020.. fingers crossed goes as planned at we don鈥檛 have to push anything off!

With that being said I am needing to get the ball rolling with gifts for the bridal party (bridesmaids and groomsman if you have suggestions!)
I am wanting something unique.. not just a coozie etc.
Thanks! (To those brides who have been under mass amounts of stress, planning in this pandemic ... deep breaths and your day will be magical! Those who have had to postpone; I am so very sorry .. when the time comes the wait will be well worth it!馃槝)


Latest activity by Ashley, on June 28, 2020 at 4:42 AM
  • Melle
    Legend June 2019
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    Everyone says something unique would be shopping for them based on their interests
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  • Monique
    Master December 2019
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    Shop based off of interests as stated above. Smiley smile December is the best month to get married! I got Married dec 2019
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  • Jessica
    Master September 2020
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    I agree to get each person individual gifts and would add that the gifts should be things that aren鈥檛 related to your wedding, ie matching robes, bridesmaid tumblers, etc.
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  • Mindy
    Super November 2020
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    We are getting married in November at a winery. So I got my girls navy blue pashminas in case they get cold, a stainless insulated wine glass in navy and a bottle of wine from the winery.
    I have no idea what my FH is doing for his guys. I鈥檓 sure he is going to put it off until late October or early November.
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  • A
    Super October 2021
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    Shop as if you were shopping for their birthdays!
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