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Wedding nightmare

Fmv, on August 15, 2019 at 8:10 AM Posted in Planning 0 7
Had a wedding nightmare last night. Which is suprising.
So in the nightmare there were way more guests there then invited! People brought their adult kids and other family members.
The Venue was serving out cocktail hour food as people walked in before the ceremony. We are also having a limited amount of alcohol and that amount ran out bedore the ceremony was even over.
The Ceremony was rushed and nobody knew what was going on. Oh. And then i realized the photographer never showed up! I ended up calling her after the ceremony freaking out because she was supposed to show up for getting ready photos. She said she was out of town and would be there soon. This would literally never happen because our photographer lives close to us lol
Also dinner was buffet chinese food, the lines were ungodly long and alot of people didnt get food. Which also wouldnt happen because were having broasted chicken and pork tenderloin.
Oh! And then 13 people including my moms parents, her 2 siblings and their kids showed up- they arent invited to the wedding do to a family fued and not hearing from them in over a year.
So they showed up in the dream without receiving an invite. In the dream they did not talk to me or congratulate me untill i approached them and they said it felt like it was their right to be there. Lol
Soo this was a pretty bad nightmare to say the least !!!


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  • Rebecca
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    Rebecca ·
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    Oh man, that sounds so stressful! I had a wedding nightmare, too!! I was walking down the aisle, and no one was sitting down or paying attention, they were just talking amongst themselves. My fiance was standing at the end with his arms crossed, and the officiant wasn't there! People were just hanging out! I was yelling, saying "hello, the wedding is starting, I'm walking down the aisle!". No one listened. Ughh it was so annoying Smiley atonished !! Glad it was just a dream!!!

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  • Melle
    Legend June 2019
    Melle ·
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    Are those kind of things you're worried about happening to your wedding in real life? Such as uninvited guests showing up, photographer being late, etc.?
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  • Fmv
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    Fmv ·
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    Somewhat. I worry about timing and that all vendors show up. Well and also worry that people will bring other and unwanted guests.
    Plus id say my moms family appeared because thats a stressful situation thats been on my mind
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  • Cher Horowitz
    Master December 2019
    Cher Horowitz ·
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    That sounds intense! Wedding nightmares really seem to show what you're worried about. I'm glad it was just a dream!

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  • Courtney
    Master December 2019
    Courtney ·
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    I had one so vivid that when I woke up it was December (wedding month). I dreamed that I took a nap after the ceremony (nowhere near the reception haha) and missed the whole night! Guests were mad at me for bad music, no food, etc. and left. I was so freaked out!!

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  • A
    Dedicated August 2019
    Ashley ·
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    I had a similar nightmare a few nights ago. My dream was basically the whole town showed up and everyone had to fight for food. Also it was in the parking lot of a local fish fry place. We thank God it was just a dream
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  • Brittany
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    Brittany ·
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    Oh goodness, that sounds like an intense dream! It sounds like you know where all of it is coming from which is good. If I may add some suggestions to maybe help you and possibly ease the mind? I would suggest on your RSVP cards put ____ out 2 or something like that so then you know how many people there are and they cant bring uninvited people. Also if you are having an adults-only reception make sure to put that somewhere in the invitation like the information card or something like that. As for the timing, talk with your musicians or DJ and make sure the person marrying you guys knows that certain parts you want to make sure you have enough time. Definitely go over your timeline with all vendors! As for the alcohol, do you have a bartender? If so make sure to tell them DO NOT serve the alcohol until cocktail hour or when you arrive at the reception or whenever you prefer. If you don't, have someone put it in a location away from the ceremony then it can be tapped into once the reception starts or cocktail hour. Do you have a coordinator? If so tell them that certain people are not allowed to be there if they show up they would be thrown out. If you don't maybe hire some security? With your fear of not having all the vendors showing up or not on time, I would either have the coordinator of the venue (if you have one) or mother (someone who is not part of the BP) or yourself call all the vendors the day before and confirm the time they will be arriving. At least it was a dream but they stem from our fears of something so being prepared is a good idea and I hope that those little things will help the fears. I hope you have better dreams in the future!

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