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Cora, on October 5, 2020 at 8:17 PM Posted in Wedding Attire 0 13
Hi everyone!! I am going dress shopping for the first time with my mom and future MIL this weekend. I am so excited but I’m not sure what I need to bring with me. Any advice? One location told me I’ll need to bring my own robe due to COVID, but what kind of bras, shape wear, etc do I need to bring? Anything else I’m not thinking of? Thanks in advance!


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  • Eri
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    Eri ·
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    Each shop is a little different. For example, mine didn't have robes even pre-COVID and there was no need for me to bring one. I know some allow food/drink in normal times, but with the pandemic that's probably not allowed at the moment (though again, mine had rules about if you had any sort of drink, you had to be seated with it away from the dresses).

    In general I'd recommend bringing a hair tie (if you have long hair), wearing nude undergarments, and going light on the makeup. While all the dresses I tried on I stepped into, some styles may go over your head.

    I wore a strapless bra, nude full coverage underwear and no shapewear, but you can certainly put some on if you feel more comfortable!

    If you have been looking at dresses online and have any inspo pictures to show the stylist, I'd have those ready too.

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  • Kevin
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    Kevin ·
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    Definitely bring a robe! To any where not just during covid all the stores I went didn’t have robes and it was really awkward and a lot of getting changed back and forth. As far as bras wear what is most comfy but also depending on what style of dress you are looking for. It was know you want a strapless dress then wear a strapless bra. I didn’t bring any shapewear with me to my appointment it’s so uncomfy that it wasn’t worth it to try on the dresses with it. I would also bring or wear Sandals or slippers so you aren’t walking around barefoot, lots of pins around from alterations sometimes! Good luck girl
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  • Lisa
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    I recommend calling the dress shops that you're going to and ask what they provide and what they recommend that you bring. Policies may differ between shops, especially with COVID going on. If you know what shoes you're wearing, bring them with too! Happy dress shopping!
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  • Renee
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    Renee ·
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    You really don’t need any of that. I went with my purse and shoes in my bag. Most gowns are fairly large and long. The stylist will pin you in it pretty well and the length won’t change with shoes.
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  • Yasmine
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    Yasmine Online ·
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    I just wore normal underwear and bra for my dress shopping!
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  • Madelin
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    The first time I went dress shopping I wore a strapless bra and spandex. I ended up taking off my bra for some dresses. The next time, I wore a stick on bra so I had the freedom to try on any type of dress. The bra I got from Walmart, and its separate so it stuck to each breast individually.
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  • Michelle
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    Michelle ·
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    I wore shorts & I T-shirt, hair pulled back. Bra & a thong.
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  • Emilee
    Beginner March 2021
    Emilee ·
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    I wore spandex and sticky nipple covers! I didn’t wear any shoes while trying the dresses on, and ended up putting my hair up by the end.
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  • Hannah
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    I just wore a nude, strapless bra and nude underwear. Neither place I went to had robes. I wore a sundress to make the changing process as easy as possible.
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  • Margaret
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    I wore "better" underwear for dress shopping and had no bra on trying on dresses. The place we went to had a robe I think but barely used it. LOL.

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  • T
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    None of the places I went had a robe, that would have been nice!

    You probably will not need a bra; wedding dresses don't work well in them.

    You *can* bring shapewear but depending on the dress you might need to get special shapewear.

    Wear light colored underwear...unless you want to see if the fabric is sheer. I wore dark and it kind of showed through.

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  • Sakina
    Expert January 2021
    Sakina ·
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    Good luck!!!! I'm going this weekend for the first time as well!
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  • Tanyia
    Expert February 2020
    Tanyia ·
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    I brought everything and needed nothing but I was prepared. Bring shoes the height you think you will wear on your day, nipple petals instead of a strapless bra— most dresses come with it built in nowadays, thin panties.
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