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Wedding Day Timeline

Hannah, on November 13, 2019 at 3:44 PM Posted in Planning 0 2
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I am a month out from the wedding and even though I've had a rough timeline written out for the last month or so, I'm freaking out a little bit and would just love to see your timeline to see how off base I am. I'm talking everything from getting ready to the order/timeframe of events through the ceremony/reception. Our ceremony is at 4pm and we are not doing a first look if that matters. I really just want to see what YOUR timeline looks like. What order are you doing the dances/dinner/bouquet toss etc in? How long are you allotting for dancing? At what point do you cut your cake? How many hours are you taking for you and the bridal party to get ready? Also open to any helpful advice for making the day go smoothly.


  • Caytlyn
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    If you’ve hired a professional for hair or makeup, I would ask them how much time they need for the number of people using their services. That will dictate the “getting ready” portion of your day. This is our timeline for a 4:30 pm ceremony. We aren’t doing any tosses. We decided to do the cake cutting immediately so that we don’t have to interrupt open dance floor time and older guests can feel free to leave.

    8 am- hair arrives for setup, Caytlyn’s bridal party arrives

    8:30 am- hair begins

    9 am- Whitney’s bridal party arrives, makeup begins

    12 pm- photographers and videographers arrive, detail shots, getting ready photos

    1:45- bridal party gets dressed

    2 pm- Caytlyn gets into dress, bridal photos

    2:30 pm- first look

    3 pm- BP photos

    4 pm- end photos, touch up hair and makeup

    4:25 pm- begin lining up for processional

    4:30 pm- ceremony begins

    5 pm- cocktail hour begins, family photos begin

    5:20 pm- family joins cocktail hour, couples photos alone

    6 pm- grand entrances into reception

    6:05 pm- welcome speech

    6:10 pm- prayer

    6:15pm- dinner is served

    7 pm- Speeches, Dinner continues

    7:15 pm- first dance

    7:20 pm- spotlight dances

    7:30 pm- cake cutting

    7:35 pm- open dance floor

    9:50 pm- last dance for guests
    10 pm- last dance, couple alone

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  • Sinéad
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    Hey Hannah!! Congratulations on being so close to your wedding!! You must be so excited!!

    If you are trying to nail down your timeline, you should start with things that have to start at a specific time, like your ceremony and work from there. How long do you have in your venue? Do you have to finish up at a certain time?

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