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Ana, on April 26, 2021 at 2:06 AM Posted in California Planning 0 3
Hello everyone, I’m not sure if many of you are familiar with the San Fernando Valley. I’m an LA bride looking for a place for our wedding day photos, hopefully something close by because of our LA traffic. Our church will be in Van Nuys and reception on Tarzana. Bride of June 19,2021. HELP!


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  • Lynnie
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    Hi Ana! Have you asked your photographer for suggestions and thoroughly scoped out your ceremony and reception venue??

    I'd take a look at Sepulveda Basin Recreation Area since it's right there, and the Santa Monica Pier is obviously gorgeous! Griffith Observatory, Pasadena City Hall, Huntington Gardens, and Descano Gardens are also popular photo spots. 📷

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  • Maddie
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    Brand Park in Glendale is also lovely and like a 15 minute drive (I live in Sherman Oaks and commute to work in Glendale and it usually takes me 20 minutes in the morning)

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    I’ll definitely check it out thank you so much!
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