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Wedding ceremony basic outline

Lucinda Cefalo Gabriel ( Mrz. Monkey ), on November 2, 2011 at 8:42 PM Posted in Planning 0 4

Hi Ladies,

Can someone pls giving a basic outline of a wedding ceremony so that i can have an idea & start to play around with mine / figure it out.

Thanks Ladies



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  • Linda E: Fairy Godmother
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    Here's a link to a great article outling the wedding processional:

    Hope it helps!

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  • Celia Milton
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    It really depends on what kind of ceremony you're having, but if you email me directly, I'll send you a couple of sample ceremonies that will give you an idea.

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  • Hayley C™
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    I have 3 full ceremonies saved as .doc files, if you send me your email so I can fwd them to you.

    Click on my name to send me a message.

    Thanks ~ here is an outline ~

    Order of Service


    The entrance of the bridal party “All Rise” as the Bride enters


    An important moment to welcome everyone on your behalf and let your guests know how grateful you are for their presence.

    Presentation of the Bride

    “Who presents this woman to be married to this man?” The father/presenter responds “I do.”

    Opening Comments / Reading

    About 7-10 minutes in length. Please refer to the “readings” section for a brief description and samples. Our main objective is to set the tone, and begin the ceremony by reflecting on something meaningful to you. This is a great opportunity to tell your story to your guests.

    Declaration of Intent

    “Do you stand here now to give yourselves to each other in marriage?” You respond “We Do.”

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  • Hayley C™
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    The Vows

    Please refer to the “Vows” section for samples. I will lead you in a “repeat after me” format, going very slowly. If you decide to write your own, please use the samples as a guideline for length and content. (Another reading could follow the vows.)

    The Rings

    “Do you give this ring as a symbol of your faithfulness to these vows?” Groom answers “I do” and repeats a simple ring vow (see “Ring Vow” section). The Bride responds to the same question with “I Do” followed by the same vow.

    The Kiss

    Pronounce you Husband and Wife.. you kiss!

    Signing the Registry

    Three documents to be signed by the Bride and Groom and two witnesses. Be sure to have some music playing, relax and “Smile... it’s a photo-op.”

    Closing Comments

    This is another opportunity for a short blessing or reading. I thank the guests again for being there. I then present you as “Mr and Mrs...” Tip: Have an upbeat song to go out to!

    The Recessional

    Bride and Groom exit with Bridal Party, & first row of family

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