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Just Said Yes February 2022

Was my wedding guest being inappropriate?

Lisa, on November 29, 2022 at 10:06 AM Posted in Wedding Reception 0 4
We got married earlier this year in a small private ceremony and due to a medical issue, had to postpone our reception and honeymoon.

We recently held our reception at my farm and it was beyond amazing! I'm an author and have been "friends" with another author on Facebook for about a year, we speak often, and we were surprised to find we don't live far from each other. So I invited her and her husband.
Imagine my surprise upon meeting them for the first time when she began handing out author swag. At our wedding reception! She even gave me an author bookmark!
I didn't say anything at the time but it started to anger me. I feel this was incredibly tacky and disrespectful.
I haven't spoken to her since but feel compelled to say something to her.
Thoughts? Thank you!


Latest activity by Mrs.evans, on November 29, 2022 at 5:34 PM
  • Shannon
    Expert July 2022
    Shannon ·
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    Whoa! It’s very tacky and inappropriate to promote your business at someone’s wedding. That was not the time or place.
    I agree with letting her know so she doesn’t think this is okay.
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  • Michelle
    Rockstar December 2022
    Michelle ·
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    Your wedding is not a networking event. This was extremely inappropriate. Definitely say something to her and then decide if you want to continue the friendship.
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  • A
    Expert September 2022
    Allie ·
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    I agree with the others. I'm sorry that happened at your wedding!!

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  • Mrs.evans
    Rockstar October 2022
    Mrs.evans ·
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    Wow that's cert disrespectful to do that it was not the right time nor day to plug a business. At someone wedding that supposed to be your friend. At what is your big day that's just wrong. But I had someone who inappropriate of this friend of mine since the weekend of my bachelorette party and bridal shower weekend I had to put her on ice for a few. She had always kept push her ideas on me on what I should do. Like her colors, her style of dress the type of food I should serve at first I thought it was coming a good place. But then she started sending me pics i mean up too a hundred or more a day. I tell what we were doing the idea that me and now husband were doing. But she was in the bridal area where she isnt supposed to be. When we were about to start the ceremony she was asked to leave and join the others She made inappropriate comments about me my makeup to shorten it she was rude to my guest trying spend time with as much ppl as we could before leaving she smeared my wedding cake one side. She could have went around and refitted us a gifted that someone else gave her with pieces missing. So I totally understand so it will be a minute before we talk but enjoy your marriage first then if need be to discuss it then do so .
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