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Vistaprint discount free shipping

Kristen, on August 29, 2012 at 11:09 AM Posted in Community Conversations

Hi Ladies!

I received a postcard in the mail from Vistaprint for 33% off and free shipping on orders over $1 by using the url:

I have no need for anything else from Vistaprint, so I thought I'd share! I'd bet more than one person can use this anyway. Have at it, let me know if it gets you a good deal!



  • Nafeesah
    Devoted September 2012
    Nafeesah ·


  • Tiffany Morris
    Super October 2012
    Tiffany Morris ·

    Awesome, will definitely try it later!

  • Hayley C™
    Master March 2008
    Hayley C™ ·

    Ok... so you can be REALLY tricky with this deal, and get a nice amount of stuff for $1.99

    (pay $1.99 to remove the vp branding off something)

    get a free car magnet, they have a tux one that you can write "Just Married" on with your date

    then click this to open a new window

    and pick a free tote... the insert photo one, you can upload your own image for a price or search the VP library for an image


    get the dress and tux mug, and put the New Mrs. "Smith" or something like that to use the morning of your wedding for pictures

    Free Pen

    not too many options, but maybe one will work with your colors

    free business cards

    again, not many options and it costs extra for the advance edit

    free notebook

    free stamp

  • Hayley C™
    Master March 2008
    Hayley C™ ·

    Keep filling your cart with one free item per link.

    10 free invites !!!!

    rehearsal dinner or bridesmaid brunch?

    free note pad

    Then hit the link last.

    The free stuff should stay free.

    Here is an example, (((but this style return labels is not free)))

    stamp, notebook, mug, tote, 10 invites

    or this one

    notebook, tote, mug, pen, note pad

    Business card can be for well wishes, favor tags, photo share site info, website info, etc. --- but to keep them FREE there is limited choices and it costs more for advance edit.

    ***AND *** this actually WOULD be a good time to get return labels if you find a good deal, they usually add $5 to your shipping when they are free

  • Hayley C™
    Master March 2008
    Hayley C™ ·

    Maybe you CAN do free labels... might need to be the small selection at the top to stay free with the link, but again, might be worth it....

    free return labels


    free tee .. again, limited options

    free sticky notes

    free mouse pad .. again, limited designs, but one is a photo option

    free small photo flip book

  • Sarah
    Super October 2013
    Sarah ·


    Then there is free shipping as well!??!? Holy cow girl, you are a shopping queen!

  • Hayley C™
    Master March 2008
    Hayley C™ ·


    FREE SHIPPING just pay the $1.99 to remove the branding off the mug, pen, or tote. Or remove branding off everything, up to you.

    but you need to pick your design from the small selection of limited designs, and it costs more for advance editing.

    but, it could make a cute bridesmaid gift, or something for you to use.

    A journal to keep a diary so you remember details of your excitement planning, the day of, the next morning, on your honeymoon.

  • Karyn
    Dedicated October 2012
    Karyn ·


    I just followed your step by step instructions and it worked! I have a groupon that I still need to use and can not think of anything to use it for. Any ideas and thoughts on if I can use that along with this deal?


  • Hayley C™
    Master March 2008
    Hayley C™ ·

    @ Karyn, you cant use a groupon with it, the links cancel each other out

    hmmmm... What do you still need?

    banner? sign? programs? XL decal to put on the get away car? instead of the magnet

    or maybe you can use the XL decal on the dance floor? I never ordered it, so I don't know if it removes easy.

    A shirt to wear to the airport, you might get free stuff with a just married tee.

  • Karyn
    Dedicated October 2012
    Karyn ·

    Like everyone else, I just want to get the best deal for my dollar. This will be my 4th VP order so I have a lot of stuff already. I already have banners, signs, and the "Just Married" tee. I would love to know how you got the small decals to put on candles, or whatever I saw on your profile, they are cute.

  • Sarah
    Super October 2013
    Sarah ·

    Omg that worked... my FH is flipping out. He is like "OMG HOW DO YOU PEOPLE KNOW THIS STUFF?!!??!" hahahaha amazing.

  • Hayley C™
    Master March 2008
    Hayley C™ ·

    Carole might be able to tell more about the decal, it was for her daughters wedding.

    I don't think it would be free, but you could use it to meet the groupon requirement.

    When does the groupon expire? Can you use it after the wedding to do thank you's?

    **** you can only get 10 free items per order **** (only select design styles are free)

    Pick 10 items from the links listed above for

    - tee

    - 10 invites

    - pen

    - stamp

    - notebook

    - return labels

    - tote

    - mug

    - business cards

    - sticky notes

    - car magnet

    - mouse pad

    - note pad

    - photo flip book

  • Amy
    Super June 2013
    Amy ·

    I just did it too! Yay Hayley!!!

  • Hayley C™
    Master March 2008
    Hayley C™ ·

    For the tote, with the "insert image/logo/photo"

    You can search the vp library for free and add an image.

    Search "wedding"

    or "beach"

    or "butterfly"

    or "heart"

    There are a lot of cute FREE designs that you can get on the free tote.

  • Future Mrs. P
    Expert September 2013
    Future Mrs. P ·

    I keep seeing people say they have placed multiple orders, but I'm only able to use the free shipping link ( once. I do have more than a dollar in my cart. Am I doing something wrong, or can I only use it once?

  • Hayley C™
    Master March 2008
    Hayley C™ ·

    You can only use it once per email.

    So if you wish to do multiple orders, you need to do a different email for your other orders. *rumor has it, it doesn't even need to be a "real" email... someone once did a typo when trying to login.... hehehe...ooops

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