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Virtual Bridal Shower

Paulina, on July 12, 2021 at 9:55 AM Posted in Parties and Events 0 4
Most of my family are in Mexico, and because I’m a month out from the wedding, I can’t see myself traveling abroad- I’m in SF- for a couple of days.
Had anyone tried virtual Bridal Showers? I’ve not had a single bridal shower or bachelorette and I really want a little sense of normalcy!


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  • Meghan
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    My cousin had a virtual bridal shower and another had a virtual baby shower. It was so nice to see everyone. For the bridal shower, my cousins sister asked all the guests to send her a video with a message for the couple. She also asked for any pictures we may have too! She made a PowerPoint presentation with the videos and pictures. Both parties we had games. The bridal shower games were questions about the bride and we’d answer the questions on the screen. For the baby shower, we were put into teams and had to answer the questions. I think breaking out into teams was fun because you got to interact with more people. They each lasted about an hour. I think depending on the crowd, it can go longer. There were some parts that were a tad awkward cus you didn’t wanna speak over anyone or there were a few moments of silence but it was sooooo great seeing everyone. Neither of them opened their gifts, but I def think it would be a great time to do that too. Each shower did have someone hosting, Who would kind of direct the party (ex. Introducing people, in charge of the games, etc). I think you could even do a slumber party bachelorette party too! Hope this helps!
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  • Melle
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    I haven't but i've been to plenty of virtual socials for work last year!

    PP has some great ideas.

    there are plenty of websites that you can create easy trivia games that people can participate in. for instance kahoots is a great website for that and i think it's free. all you do is create the questions, send a link or pin number for guests to join and theyll be able to answer the trivia questions at same time.

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  • Paulina
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    Thank you! It does!
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  • Lynnie
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    Hi Paulina! I attended a friend's virtual baby shower and it was really fun!! She kept the groups small (and grouped guests together who knew each other) and we played a few games and share well wishes & advice! 💕

    Here are some articles you can check out with great tips on throwing a virtual event:

    5 Wedding Events to Host Virtually When You Can't Celebrate in Person

    Here’s How to Throw a Virtual Engagement Party

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