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Vendors Ghosting?

FutureMrsHadi, on May 20, 2020 at 3:08 PM Posted in Planning 0 7
I’m curious to see if anyone else has had this issue..
Last week we came to the decision to postpone our wedding that was supposed to be on August 2nd.
I was surprised by how quickly dates were being booked at our venue for next year, so I’ve been communicating with all our vendors (since we have everyone booked already) to try and find a date that works for everyone. We hired a day of coordinator pretty early on and throughout the planning process she’s been super helpful and good at responding back to emails in a timely fashion. However, I emailed her right after we decided to postpone with a list of dates next year to see if she was available. I’ve heard nothing in response. I know this is a crazy time for a lot of people, so in that regard I can understand, but on the other hand I see her posting on Instagram every day, and at this point I’ve had to make a decision on a date without knowing if she’s available or not. Any advice? Am I just overthinking this whole situation?


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  • FutureMrsHadi
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    FutureMrsHadi ·
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    *Just to clarify, I went back and check and it’s been just over two weeks actually since I emailed her.
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  • Kate
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    Kate ·
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    The only vendor giving me this problem is the hotel manager who helped set up our room block. I’ve emailed twice in the last week, and my next step is to call. I think you could definitely reach out again after 3-5 business days, especially if she was given a deposit at the time you booked her. She’s probably getting a lot of similar emails and it may have been missed. If three attempts are made and you still haven’t heard from her, then I might be worried she doesn’t plan to get back to you. Definitely try again though! Two weeks is a long time.
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  • Sarah
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    Sarah ·
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    Have you tried another method of communication? Giving her a call perhaps or a message on her most active social media platform? It’s possible she just missed your e-mail.
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  • Belle
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    Belle ·
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    And if this still doesn’t work, I would drive to her address and leave a letter. Good luck!
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  • Meghan
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    Meghan ·
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    If she has been on IG, I would maybe send her an IG message or try calling her.

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  • Lynnie
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    Lynnie ·
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    I'd definitely follow-up again! Reply back to your original email checking in, or try calling or reaching out on instagram!

    Even if they are swamped and dealing with more immediate wedding crises, I'm a big believer in replying in acknowledgement of the outreach - even if it's just to say "sorry i'm swamped but I'll make sure to reply with available dates by X date"!

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  • Courtney
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    Courtney ·
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    I’d first try replying to your initial email. If you get no response, I’d call and then Instagram message her. It is a difficult time but you’ve given her time and she’s still actively posting so she should be able to answer an email.
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