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Upgrade to big cake or stick with just a cutting cake?

Jasmine E., on October 27, 2021 at 6:32 PM Posted in Wedding Reception 0 7

Our caterer offers a "dessert parade" as part of their main package with mini tarts, popsicles, cookies, and such. My fiancé and I have just been planning to do this and then have a small sweetheart cake for the cutting, to save money on a traditional multi-tier cake. I've heard that many guests don't like wedding cake so it didn't seem like a big loss.

Now I'm rethinking because I always liked the decorative factor of a cake, and the bakery won't deliver a smaller one, so we would need a relative to get it the morning of -- it seems less hassle to go for a big one. Plus we could give guests a slice to take home. I still see conflicting opinions on what % of guests would eat a big cake. Do you think they would still enjoy it, even when other desserts are provided? I'm willing to splurge on it if I thought the guests would enjoy it, but I want to be sure it's worth the 4-digit price tag.


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  • Victorian Bride
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    Jasmine, I think it depends on your baker. If you have a fabulous baker that will make an amazing yummy cake, your guests will eat it. Especially those with a sweet tooth. I love the big tiered cakes. So pretty in photos.
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  • Michelle
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    Hmm.. it’s a know your crowd thing. Many people actually look forward to cake and are disappointed when cookies, pies and other desserts are the only option. It’s considered impolite to have a dessert or other food/drink for you and fiancé only that is not available for guests to partake in. Some of the best tiered wedding cake (and sheets) actually comes from grocery store bakeries that are half the price of a fancy bakery or caterer.
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  • Hannah
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    I've actually never heard of people not eating the cake until Weddingwire. I always see people eat the cake. Also, I would check around for other quotes if you are getting a 4-digit price tag rather than a 3-digit (still expensive lol) price tag.
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  • Jasmine E.
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    Thanks for the replies. We can't use another baker because this is the only one that meets some guest's dietary restrictions (with kosher, the entire kitchen and venue has to follow the rules, not just making an alternative meal for a few guests).
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  • E
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    Have to agree with Michelle, it's a know your crowd thing.

    I can say I would not get wedding cake if there were many other dessert options like cookies and brownies and such. I don't really like cake, and I find most wedding cake to be even less enjoyable than, say, boxed cake mix (maybe I'm just low-class). I'd also never willingly take a piece home, and if a couple gave me a boxed slice it'd end up in the trash outside the venue (just being honest.) Wouldn't want to have to keep up with it.

    That said, I definitely understand enjoying the "look" of a tiered cake.

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  • CountryBride
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    I was in the same predicitiment so we splurged and got our dream 5 tier cake and we are also having desserts mini cheesecakes dessert shooters, brownies, mini pies we want the guests to go wow

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  • Melle
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    I would stick to the cutting cake.

    the dessert bar sounds way cooler with the options. BUT i do agree with the fact that i personally opted for a large cake cus i loved the look of it. but i am sure your cutting cake is going to be nice too

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