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Turning a ballroom rustic

Nicole, on July 19, 2018 at 12:58 AM Posted in Style and Décor 0 6

For financial reasons, FH and I chose to get married at a glitzy and elegant ballroom. This goes against anything i ever envisioned. I wanted a winery or a barn wedding with rustic decor.

Does anyone have pictures showing how they incorporated rustic elements into the decor without it clashing? This is totally holding me back from picking a theme because I feel like our venue can’t pull off anything I like.



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  • WED18
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    Do you have photos of the venue? Please post them if you do so we can see what you’re working with.

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  • Chris
    Master February 2022
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    Hey, Nicole! Smiley smile

    You can absolutely incorporate different rustic elements into a ballroom- just think of it as "rustic elegance" instead of plain rustic! You could do nature-inspired centerpieces, use neutral colors...here are a few photos I found that might inspire! Smiley ring

    Greenery & BarrelsTurning a ballroom rustic 1WeddingWire

    Using WindowsTurning a ballroom rustic 2Vintage Ambiance

    Wooden & wicker seatingTurning a ballroom rustic 3Rue 29 Napa Valley

    What kind of rustic elements are you hoping to incorporate? Smiley heart

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  • N
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    receptionareaTurning a ballroom rustic 4

    cocktail hour and reception spaceTurning a ballroom rustic 5

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  • MrsD
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    Our venue is more rustic outside, but the reception is in a ballroom with large windows. We are thinking of renting banquet wood tables & chiavari chairs. Then center decor will be rustic themed with candles, greenery, white flowers, and other wood elements. Our sweetheart table will have two large cow print chairs too.

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  • Sam
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    Hi Nicole!! One way to make sure your decor doesn't clash your venue is to choose colors that suite both your style of decor and venue! Also, using natural lighting and elements such as candles and wood are traditionally rustic, but look great in any venue. What decorations have you already picked out? Have you already thought of a potential color scheme?

    Here are a few photos I found that may help!

    Turning a ballroom rustic 6

    Hudson Nichols Photography

    Turning a ballroom rustic 7

    Suzy Goodrick Photography

    Turning a ballroom rustic 8

    Jennifer Weems Photography

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  • Brittany
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    idea.Turning a ballroom rustic 9idea.Turning a ballroom rustic 10idea.Turning a ballroom rustic 11idea.Turning a ballroom rustic 12

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