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Thailand Honeymoon

Bridget, on June 4, 2019 at 11:43 AM Posted in Honeymoon 0 3
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Looking for Thailand suggestions for our October honeymoon! Flying into Bangkok, going to Chang Mai and an island or two and would love to hear some recommendations from anyone who's been! Places to stay, visit, where to eat, what to do... all are welcome!


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    Welcome to the WeddingWire community Bridget!! It’s so great to have you join!

    A honeymoon in Thailand sounds so amazing!! It’s meant to be such a beautiful country. How long are you hoping to visit for?

    It sounds like you will be keeping busy for your stay, with lots of activities and trips. I’ve not been there personally but it is definitely on my bucket list! What I find really insightful and interesting is searching for travel blogs that detail peoples route for the duration of their stay in a country, for example, ‘Thailand 2 week itinerary blog’. There are often a lot of different blogs to read but once you’ve read 3 or 4, you begin to get a picture of what is worth doing and what you could skip.

    I hope you really enjoy planning your honeymoon! It sounds amazing!!

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  • Leandra
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    I'd love to hear other's feedback as well. We are planning a Thailand Honeymoon as well but in February!

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  • Krystle
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    So exciting! I did a semester abroad in Thailand for 4 months from January to May and loved it! I l lived in Chiang Mai but visited Bangkok and Phuket too. Get lots of massages, they are so cheap and really nice! PSA sorry about the long post.

    Here are my top Chiang Mai Recommendations:

    - Try Khao Soi (lots of it). It's a Northern Thai dish and you can't find it anywhere else, I literally ate it just about every day because it was so good!

    - Visit the Elephant Nature Park if you want to hang out with elephants. A lot of elephant parks in Thailand claim to be a sanctuary but are the furthest thing from it. I did a lot of research and visited a lot of "sanctuaries" and this was the only one that I felt was truly a good one, and don't treat the elephants inhumanely. Whatever you do just don't ride them.

    - Go to the Sunday Night Market and the Night Bazaar. They are both huge and have so many things to buy from cute summer clothes to cool souvenirs.

    - Visit temples, Wat Chedi Luang was my favorite and is right in the city. Doi Suthep is really cool too and is on a mountain so it has a really great aerial view of the city.

    Honestly I didn't really enjoy my time in Bangkok. It is unbearably hot and humid compared to Chiang Mai's cooler (but still hot) mountain climate and the locals are nowhere near as friendly as in Chiang Mai. For more it was just like any other big city. The only good thing I can recommend is to go to Lumphini Park. It is a really pretty park to walk around and it has giant friendly lizards which are kind of cool. If you like the big city seen that you should be fine, but if you want a more local and true Thai experience I would highly recommend spending the bulk of your time outside of Chiang Mai.

    For the beach I went to Phuket and did the Phang Nga Bay island hopping tour which was really cool. We stayed on the West side at Karon and Kata beach, the water was a gorgeous crystal clear turquoise blue and white sand. We stayed here because it was a more relaxed area, but there are more touristy/clubby areas too if thats your thing.

    Hope all this helps!

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