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Thailand/ Asia. Honeymoon

Mikka, on January 18, 2017 at 7:08 AM Posted in Honeymoon 0 9
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Has anyone gone anywhere in Asia for their honeymoon and was the flight worth it? We see really good deals going to Phuket and even Bali but the flights are sooo long. Just wondering when we get their it will be exactly what we were looking for and worth the day and a half of travel!


  • MrsFH
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    MrsFH ·

    I've been to Thailand and had a great time. Chiang Mai, Phuket and Ko Samui are really great to visit and each offer something different. Bangkok was a bit too intense for my liking but you could always spend a few nights if you're into cities. The great news about visiting Asia is that you can get a lot of bang for your buck once you're there but yes, the flights are long. I'd also recommend trying to get to Vietnam, there are some really beautiful places to visit there as well.

  • CantWaitToBeBlake
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  • Del
    Master November 2017
    Del ·

    Koh Samui is absolutely amazing. FH and I went a few years ago. We went in summer, which is the off season there, so we pretty much ended up with a private white sand beach to make out on every day. Many happy memories!

  • C
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    cmo ·

    Two places that would be worth the travel time: Koh Phi Phi in Thailand, and Bali in Indonesia. Koh Phi Phi is the most beautiful place I've seen in SE Asia, and the culture/people/vibe in Bali can't be beat. Good luck!

  • Jamie
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    Jamie ·

    We are going to Phuket at the end of June for ours. Prices are great. Friends have told me the food is great, hotels are pretty and it's a great time. From Phuket, you can easily check out Phi Phi Islands. Roundtrip flight to Bangkok is less than $100 so you can also visit there.

  • Bunny
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    Im looking at se Asia end of june 2020
    Any recommendations for flights?
  • Krystle
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    Krystle ·
    I haven’t been on my honeymoon, but I spent 5 months in Thailand and visited Bali while I was there. Both are 100% worth it. They both have a good mix of relaxation and adventure. If going to Thailand I would avoid Bangkok, it is just a big overrated city. Phuket is really popular and gorgeous, but I would also recommend Krabi and Chiang Mai.
  • Clover & Jon
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    Clover & Jon ·

    Mikka, a long flight is hardly a hardship for the real privilege of seeing the world... And it is a privilege as many many people in the world never leave their country, or even their town or village.

    You're not travelling by sea for 3 weeks to reach your destination, as people used to have to do to get anywhere offshore... Asia is a wonderful region of the world, and worth travelling for! Fy favourite places are Bali (my spiritual home - the people are just wonderful), The Gili Islands, Thailand, Japan, India... I could go on. These all offer a view of the world, that is a stark contrast to how we live in the west on so many levels.

    The world is not worth missing for just a few more hours on a plane with the love of your life, and in-flight entertainment. Rest, read, sleep, and dream with your husband and enjoy!

  • Clover & Jon
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    Totally agree on the Krabi & Chiang Mai... and volunteering on an Elephant sanctuary is also an amazing activity to do in Chiang Mai (but only in one that does not allow the elephant rides).

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