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Just Said Yes June 2021

Tanning bed 2 days before wedding?

Grace, on June 16, 2021 at 4:41 PM Posted in Fitness and Health 0 5
My wedding is on Saturday!!! 2 days!!!! I’m naturally a tan person but wanted to get a little extra tan in before my wedding, but it’s raining here in Florida. Is it too late to go to the tanning bed? Would that be a bad idea?


Latest activity by Kari, on June 21, 2021 at 4:43 PM
  • Savvy June 2021
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    My wedding is this Saturday. I went tanning today. I have been going twice a week for the past couple of months though. I would say as long as you don't burn, you should be ok.
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  • Jenni
    Dedicated May 2022
    Jenni ·
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    It should be fine. I probably would avoid staying the entire time and risk burning, but if you're naturally tan it should be ok.

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  • E
    Super July 2023
    Eniale ·
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    Have you used tanning beds before? If so, I would say only go 1/2-3/4 the time you'd generally use a bed for.

    If you've never used a bed, or haven't used one in a while, no more than 7 minutes.

    And moisturize the absolute heck out of yourself, before and daily after.

    Of course, as someone in medicine, my required disclaimer: tanning beds increase your risk of skin cancer and premature aging, even if you are already tan, and are generally a bad idea.

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  • L
    Lady ·
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    Get a spray tan today! Way better for you than tanning beds and easier to control. No risk of burning.

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  • Kari
    Master May 2020
    Kari ·
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    This is great advice.

    If you've never used a tanning bed before, I wouldn't do so for the first time before your wedding, unless perhaps you NEVER burn.

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