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Mrs. Smith-Smith To Be
Expert May 2015

Suggestions for wine (red & white)

Mrs. Smith-Smith To Be, on July 30, 2014 at 2:19 PM Posted in Planning 0 13
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We are not huge wine drinkers, although I do love the mescato by Barefoot....we have decided to have an open bar with beer and wine. Can anyone suggest a good wine (red & white) for less than $10 a bottle?

Also, we are having 50 guests...how many bottles of wine and beer do we need?


Latest activity by alyshadanielle, on August 2, 2014 at 11:57 PM
  • Dr. & Mrs. R
    Devoted June 2015
    Dr. & Mrs. R ·
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    My mom loves the Riesling from Aldi for a white. (https://www.aldi.us/en/grocery-items/wine-beer/white-wines/white-wines-detail/ps/p/landshut-riesling/)

    My fiance likes the Shiraz from Aldi for a red. (https://www.aldi.us/en/grocery-items/wine-beer/red-wines/red-wines-detail/ps/p/lil-koala-shiraz/)

    I personally am not a Wino so I'm going off what they say.

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  • E
    Master July 2015
    Emma ·
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    One of my absolute favorites!


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  • Maltese
    Master June 2015
    Maltese ·
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    Cupcake...they have several kinds. I'm a red wine drinker and prefer the Pinot Noir but most people seem to like merlot. For a white, chardonnay is always a safe bet

    There are four glasses of wine per average bottle of wine. A keg of beer will hold roughly 350 beers, so I suggest maybe 2 quarter barrels of beer (two different kinds) and maybe 4-5 bottles of each a red and white wine (I'm being pretty generous there, but if you don't uncork it, you drink it later

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  • MrsDean
    Master April 2015
    MrsDean ·
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    I would say have a dry and sweet (not dry) option in both a red and white. I like dry, so Chardonnay and Merlot are my favorites. I like Pinot Noir too, but it tends to be really on the dry side so I'm sticking to chardonnay for my wedding. I have no suggestions for sweets b/c I don't drink them. As far as brands go, Barefoot, Cupcake and Fish Eye are good affordable options. Trader Joe's has "2 Buck Chuck" (it actually costs $2 a bottle!) that A LOT of people love.

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  • L
    Master February 2015
    LetItSnow ·
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    White: Two Oceans. My favs are Pino Gris and the Sav Blanc. They also have a Moscato.

    Red: Trapiche- Malbec. It's mild on the dryness so it satisfies a large spectrum of wine drinkers and it's smoother than most cheap wines.

    Apotholic Red is also very popular and inexpensive.

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  • Ashleigh
    Master November 2013
    Ashleigh ·
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    I'm a merlot and chardonnay fan. Yea, Valarie! I will drink some $3 Walmart wine anytime! Oh and "2 Buck Chuck" kept me going when I was broke living in Cali-that's some good stuff, too!

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  • Lisa
    VIP September 2014
    Lisa ·
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    You should find a local trader joes. They have some fantastic $3 and $5 bottles of red and white. And they are cheap enough that you can buy a few, try them out, and decide what you want! They do sell them by the case as well Smiley smile

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  • Holly
    Expert September 2014
    Holly ·
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    Mascatos, Reislings, and Zeinfendel are all good go to wines, especially those that aren't use to drinking it.

    I enjoy the 3 above, but also enjoy chardoney, blushes, and a shiraz.

    Stay away from merlot... it is gross and the known in the wine world as the scum wine.

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  • Caylin C.
    Master August 2015
    Caylin C. ·
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    I like Moscato, Riesling, and Cabernet Sauvignon. I usually buy barefoot, yellowtail, and rex goliath.

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  • Blissful
    Super September 2014
    Blissful ·
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    Black box has really good wines and very affordable. My friend is a wine distributor and they frequently do taste tests. He said most experts cant tell it came out of a box!

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  • ELFie
    VIP August 2014
    ELFie ·
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    I love these: Chateau Ste. Michelle. I don't know what else I like, but mostly all Cabernets and Pinot Grigios. And margaritas, which I'm drinking right now that's making me CA-RAZY!

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  • Celia Milton
    January 2021
    Celia Milton ·
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    I agree with Black Box. Decant it into carafes.

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  • alyshadanielle
    Master April 2015
    alyshadanielle ·
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    I met with a local liquor store owner who is providing all of our alcohol. I am getting Barefoot for me & my girls while we are getting ready. He suggested L'Epayrie Red & White for the guests at the reception. He does weddings all the time and says its a pretty good wine at a decent price.. (I have never heard of it) For our wedding of about 100 guests, we are getting 12 (1.5L) bottles of wine and 6 cases of beer. But we are also having liquor so I am not sure how it would even out. Hope this helps!

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