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Dj Tanner
June 2021


Dj Tanner, on November 13, 2020 at 7:53 PM

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Brides. I’m struggling tonight. Now my state lowered our outdoor guest count to 75 people. My wedding is the beginning of June, and yes I know Things may change, but I do have to think about what is happening right now. In reality as of right now I am only allowed to have 75 guests and I currently...
Brides. I’m struggling tonight. Now my state lowered our outdoor guest count to 75 people. My wedding is the beginning of June, and yes I know Things may change, but I do have to think about what is happening right now. In reality as of right now I am only allowed to have 75 guests and I currently have a little over 90. Are there any brides out there that have had to uninvite guests from their wedding due to Covid? If so, how did you tell people? My fiancé and I are pretty much at a loss of how we would even go about telling people well you know because of Covid we are restricted to guest count so sorry but you just didn’t make the cut. Because no matter how nicely worded to people that is EXACTLY how it will sound to them. Because basically that is what you’re saying to them. So if anyone has any suggestions or if anyone could tell us what they said to guests that would be really helpful. Thanks


  • Victorian Bride
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    I totally agree with this. By June we may be back to a more normal state. It's still a ways off, thankfully. Try not to stress too much, and you may be able to have all of your guests. Unfortunately, it'll be wait and see. But as someone said, all those who truly love and support you will be happy for you whether there in person, or watching a live stream. I pray you get to have everyone you wish with you.
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  • Mrs. Spring
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    I agree with this. Sone should opt out of wanting to come due to COVID.
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  • Allie
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    I haven’t personally had to do this, but 2 of my FH’s cousins were supposed to get married this past year. The first one sent out the invites like usual, then when covid hit and the restrictions started she sent another card out explaining that they couldn’t have the wedding they wanted to have and it would just be close family. No video, they just hired a videographer and sent the link to everyone so they could watch that way (it was of course after the wedding).
    The second cousin did something similar, but she included the info for the livestream she was going to have at her wedding. We decided to make a fun night of it and the family that couldn’t go did a little get together and we made a nice dinner and dessert and watched the ceremony and speeches together. People are much more understanding given covid, so while it’s so upsetting to do people will completely understand and know it’s not easy for you. As far as dancing goes, one cousin was not allowed any dancing at all and the other was allowed to have dancing as long as people wore masks. So sorry you’re struggling and that this is something you have to deal with. I’m getting married next November and still have some hope that maybe things will ease up a bit, but I have a feeling we will be making similar decisions soon. Also agree about the states not all being consistent, we are only allowed 25 people and that includes the vendors. Yet our restaurants can hold 50% capacity. It doesn’t make sense to me.
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  • Yasmine
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    Yes I agree that it's a better idea! Goodluck with everything
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  • Michelle
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    So many good & valid points on this post. 90 invited doesn’t mean all 90 will show up. COVID has us all twisted in knots & there’s absolutely nothing we can do about it except roll with it. Your guests will understand if they get told you have to shorten the guest list.
    My fiancé asked me if I’ve been thinking about the restrictions. Told him that I have & we are still getting married on 4/3/21. The only thing that will change is the guest list.
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  • M
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    Margaret ·
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    Having had a successful wedding during times of COVID here, I’m definitely going to reiterate the previous message to breathe, everything will work out. Have the invitations already been sent? We held out until about six weeks prior before un-inviting guests. We sent the following message:

    Due to COVID restrictions, we have had to redesign the wedding to an intimate ceremony. We were so looking forward to celebrating with you in person, but will be happy to know you are joining us on our livestream. Please visit the wedding website on _________ for the link to the ceremony livestream. Thank you for your understanding.

    We also created a Facebook event to re-invite un-invited guests to the livestream. Best of luck!
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    Expert May 2019
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    Ugh this is tough, and I get you on feeling like the restrictions don't make any sense. I sincerely hope things are better by June—we just don't know.

    My best friend's wedding is 11/21. She thought she was in the clear because her state was allowing 250 people at indoor events. As of Friday, at a moment's notice, the governor announced that number was being slashed to 25. She was expecting more than 80 people and with a week's notice her dream wedding was dashed.

    I'd hold off on sending invites until late April, closely monitoring the situation and having multiple back up plans in place.

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