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Stressing over my day of timeline for hair and makeup..

Emily, on December 19, 2019 at 10:52 AM Posted in Planning 0 6
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My bridal party and I are starting our day at 8:00am (hair and makeup arriving at 8), and our first look is currently scheduled for 2pm. I've got 5 bridesmaids getting made up, myself, and my mother (mother of the groom opted out of getting hair and makeup done), so a total of 7 people getting services done. There will be one stylist for hair, and one make up artist. Because the first look is at 2, but the getting ready photos and first look with my dad will need to be at 1 - I guess I could not go last in getting ready and so one of the bridesmaids could be getting done last while I start my photos getting ready? This probably makes no sense, just freaking out lol!

The stylist said that for seven people starting at 8 will be fine but I'm worried that one person on hair and one on makeup won't be enough. I'm also worried because I don't think I have ANY extra time built in just in case. With first look at 2pm, I'm afraid I won't have time for photos with bridal party and immediate family before 3:30 when guests arrive for the ceremony (the ceremony is outside and ideally I'd like those photos to be outside, so we really need to be back in the bridal suite before 3:30). How long do you think I should realistically anticipate the bridal party/immediate family photos to take? How long did the first look part take?


  • Caytlyn
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    My first look was at 2:30 and we started at 8 am. We had 9 people doing hair and 5 for makeup, so kind of similar to you. I went as close to last as possible. What saved us is having the moms go during the first look and bridal party pictures since they didn't need to be ready for those. Everything was fine, the only downfall is that my mom wasn't ready while helping me into my dress, but that wasn't the end of the world to me.

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  • V
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    We started getting ready at 8:00. I had 4 bridesmaids/groomswoman, 2 flower girls, my mom, my grandmother (just a blow out) and myself for hair. I had 1 bridesmaid, 2 flower girls, my mom and myself for makeup. We were done by 2. Immediately after hair and makeup, my bridesmaids got dressed and I was dressed by 2:30. At 2:30, I had my first look with my dad. At 2:40, I had photos with my bridesmaids/bridesman. At 3:10 I had my first look and photos with my husband. I was hidden by 3:45. Our ceremony started at 4:30. Family, full bridal party photos and remaining photos with my husband were taken during cocktail hour. I had one hair stylist and 1 makeup artist. The hair stylist was supposed to have an assistant that prepped hair, but the assistant had a family emergency so the makeup artist arrived early to help prep hair as the hair stylist and makeup artist work together.

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  • Anna
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    We are in a similar situation except our ceremony is at 1. So- even tighter.
    I asked the makeup artist if she could bring a second artist (assistant). I felt better about that and it didn't cost too much extra (like a $60 second artist fee). The second artist will do my mom, aunt, and grandma. Maybe it would be worth looking into that?

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  • Samantha
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    I had 5 bridemaids, myself, and my mom get hair and makeup. We were at the salon from about 830 to 1230. We had one makeup artist, one who did both hair and makeup, and 2 hair stylists. Throughout the morning we had about 2 people getting hair done and at least one person getting their makeup done at the same time. A lot depends on how complicated everyone is getting their hair and makeup done. My friend has very LONG hair and hers took forever.
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  • Emily
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    I asked the stylist and she said 2 would be enough and that was an average amount for that time period, but idk :/ I'm in a wedding this weekend where they have one person for hair and one for makeup but for 9 (actually might be 10) people and they're starting at 9 and need to be done by 2. So I guess it's the same timeline except with two extra people. So I'll feel it out there too.

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  • MrsD
    Legend July 2019
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    We started at 10 AM to be ready by 4 PM. We had 13 women and 4 artists. Each service took around 45 minutes (my hair took 1 hour). I'd hire another artist to ease stress.

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