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SPIN OFF: TALL brides show me your wedding dresses! :)

Finally mrs.jkr, on August 28, 2014 at 5:23 PM Posted in Wedding Attire 0 11
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And any complications that happened with being tall... if I had decided on wearing heels, my dress would be too short. Since I'm wearing flats, it's perfect

(Don't have a pic because I'm at work, but will upload one at home

EDIT- Oh and I'm somewhere between 5'10 and 6', depends on the day and what doctors office I visit that measures me lol


  • JoBu
    Master September 2015
    JoBu ·
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    I am 6 feet tall--so of course I was worried about finding a dress long enough! Surprisingly, my dress is the perfect length as is--I didn't have to order any extra length!

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  • Mrs Rueckert
    Expert November 2014
    Mrs Rueckert ·
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    Here is mine! I'm 5'11, don't have shoes yet but they ordered the dress with extra length

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  • AndixLyn
    Master June 2015
    AndixLyn ·
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    I'm 5'8", so i thought i was tall but you guys make me think not. hahaha in my heels i'm 5'11". FH is 6'2". dress was perfect with heels.

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  • Ostrich
    Master April 2016
    Ostrich ·
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    I was literally thinking how I can't wait for a tall girl post I'm gonna start once I get my dress after seeing the other one! Love everyone's dresses, very nice silhouettes!

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  • L + A
    VIP May 2015
    L + A ·
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    Is 5'8" tall enough? Haha here's my beauty Smiley smile I haven't decided on heels or flats yet... I do love Toms though so I will wear Toms either way.

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  • Mrs. F-u-...
    Master December 2014
    Mrs. F-u-... ·
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    I'm just shy of 5'8" and wearing 3 inch heels. Any taller and I'm too close in height to FH. Shorter than a 2.5 heel I might have need it slightly hemmed.

    (Ignore my face and the dress needs to be pressed from hanging since March)

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  • KR
    Super September 2014
    KR ·
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    I'm 5'8", which I also thought was tall until now I see all you lovely tall ladies! I am sadly wearing flats because FH is 5'11" and I really like looking at least a LITTLE shorter than him in photos. With heels it was perfect length but now I actually have to hem it.

    But I LOVE my dress so much it's probably unhealthy. Here it is on the model. I want to wear it every day.

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  • B
    Expert September 2014
    Blue one 4 ·
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    I'm 5'11" and was lucky! The dress I fell in love with fit perfectly so it didn't need to be altered length wise ( apparently shorter girls always have to get it altered.) With kitten heels the front is about a bit off the ground but it's not too noticeable and I'm planning on wearing flats for the reception which will be perfect! Plus I don't mind showing off my bright red pumps a bit Smiley winking

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  • Mrs. A & J
    Master December 2014
    Mrs. A & J ·
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    I'm 5'10", and I've always hated long dresses on me. So I went knee length! I'll have on 2.5 inch sandals Smiley smile

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  • Happy In Hawaii
    Master July 2015
    Happy In Hawaii ·
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    I'm 5'9'' and luckily the dress was just right, I was so happy I didn't need to get it hemmed, that would have cost so much more I'm sure! I'm also wearing flats, I could have probably gotten away with a one inch heel though.

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  • Amy
    Beginner December 2014
    Amy ·
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    I'm 5'10" - I'm not wearing any shoes in these photos. I'll probably be wearing either flats or a kitten heel as I am the same height as my FH.

    Also, this is my first time posting on here so Hello!

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