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So ready for the dress dilemma to end...

Laura, on September 8, 2019 at 2:03 PM Posted in Wedding Attire 0 4
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I tried on quite a few dresses, but none of them were the right thing. I wanted cap sleeves and a trumpet shape with lace in white. Found a dress with lace that I loved but it didn't have the right skirt and it felt too youthful. I'm a second time bride. Found a trumpet that I fell in love with in the store with cap sleeves - I loved it and came home and ordered it online as a sample in ivory (ivory and sample for cost savings - it was over budget otherwise). Now, I have photos of me in the other dresses and think the youthful one was better fitting. However, in the the one I ordered I tried on in the wrong size.

The dress I ordered will be here Tuesday. I have a 72 hr. return policy. How do I decide? What would you do? I'm a June bride and don't have a lot of time. Help??!!


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    Brandi ·
    Go with your gut - you ordered the dress you did because you loved it and will look fabulous in it! I think it's time to put away pics of you in other dresses and get excited about the one you have. It will be awesome and stunning, especially once you get your alterations!
  • Laura
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    Laura ·

    Thank you so much! I was just looking at the stock photos of the one I ordered and the straps are different than they are in the photo I took of myself. They weren't seated properly. I noticed in the stock photos that the lace goes the length of the train. And I absolutely love the open back in this shape... <> ... I think I just need Tuesday here. I really don't want to wear the other dress as is and would have to have the skirt cut - if not cut off. The sample I ordered, I remember looking down and thinking this is what his wife looks like. I do think that I need to trust that... gulp.

  • Laura
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    Laura ·

    I was thinking about taking my dress (the one I ordered to the tailor) so that I could see it properly pinned during my 3 day return window. And making sure that I focus on that, rather than the pretty lace of the other one. I need to see the potential of the dress I love, I think...

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    You love the dress you ordered for a reason, Laura! Focus on that I agree with Brandi and recommend you delete or put away the photo of the first dress.

    I think that is a great idea to bring the dress to a seamstress during the 3 day window to discuss the pinning and you can then decide once and for all if that is your dress!

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