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Shapewear too slippery for dress?

Meghan569, on June 23, 2016 at 1:47 PM Posted in Wedding Attire 0 3
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I just had my wedding dress fitting and my tailor made an interesting point.

I am wearing a strapless, low back, mermaid style gown. I planned to wear some shape wear shorts to help with tummy control but more importantly for me, thigh rubbing issues while walking in the dress. My tailor pointed out that the shape wear is very slippery and can actually make the dress slide down my body a lil more, potentially leading to me needing to pull it up occasionally throughout the day. Taking in the dress more up top will create some undesirable bulges near my chest. He thinks I don't need the shape wear, which is probably true in terms of the tummy area. I just hate and find it very uncomfortable when my thighs rub while walking, which in the mermaid style dress is inevitable!

Is there any style of shape wear with grip on it to help prevent the dress from sliding/slipping too much? Or ways to add grip of some kind to shape wear shorts?


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  • NewMrsWesely
    Master September 2016
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    Bandaletts?sp? They just go on the thighs. Also not all shape wear is the silky material

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  • Jo
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    I wore a mermaid dress and I wore slippery shapewear. I'm by no means a professional tailor but I thought shapewear was supposed to be a little slippery so the fabrics don't rub together and fold your dress.

    Before you worry too much, try the whole thing on together and walk around your house. If the shapewear does disrupt the dress, lose it. Or, if the dress is slipping but you really want to keep the shapewear, try double sided clear fashion tape. I wore my dress twice and had it steamed before the second wearing, it TOTALLY stretched the dress to the point where it was falling off me and I just taped the life out of it. It wasn't particularly comfortable, but it kept things in the right place for the ceremony.

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  • OriginalKD
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    I had a strapless dress. My best suggestion - fashion tape. Tape all along the bodice before you put your dress on. It will hold it in place all night b

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