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Seating chart and place cards?

Mareika, on August 22, 2019 at 4:24 PM Posted in Style and Décor 0 6
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Hi everyone, I had a vision of doing a seating chart on a window kind of like this:

window seating chartSeating chart and place cards? 1

But since we're seating folks at long tables, I also want to assign seats strategically (using place cards) so that people that know each other/are close sit in the right seats.

Is it too wacky to have both the seating chart AND place cards?


  • earias
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    No, this is common. In fact, if you are using place cards then you need a seating chart or escort card. The seating chart and escort card directs the guests to the table (escorts them) while the place cards "places" each guest at their seat.

    Since my wedding was at Christmas, we had personalized ornaments hanging on a Christmas tree serve double duty as a favor and an escort card. It directed the guests to their table. Then we had a place card at each guest's seat to assign them a seat. We also used long tables so assigning seats was helpful.

    Seating chart and place cards? 2

    Seating chart and place cards? 3

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  • MrsD
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    We had two of these for our seating chart, I found it easier to make last minute changes since I just had to reprint one paper if I needed to.Seating chart and place cards? 4We had three long tables, and had place cards at each setting!Seating chart and place cards? 5

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  • Kimberly
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    I think its totally fine, the chart will tell them their table and then when they get there they can look for their names. makes sense to me! Smiley smile

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  • Mareika
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    Perfect, this is almost exactly what I had imagined. We'll even have the same chairs Smiley smile

    Thank you everyone!!

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  • Sara
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    I agree that this is totally fine, but please at least alphabetize names per table. I went to a wedding last year that had a really pretty looking seating chart (printed on posterboard and divided by tables) but nothing was alphabetized so you had to scan the whole chart for your name. I think a long list alphabetized by last name would probably be the easiest to read, but it definitely doesn't look as nice
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  • Ariel
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    That's what I'm doing! Mostly because some family will need a little extra room or can't turn their neck and I want them to be able to see everything from their seat. Also some family will be with other family and i'll put them on the side of the table by the people they know at other tables
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