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Seasonal Allergies!!!! Halp!!!

Lené, on October 18, 2019 at 1:21 PM Posted in Fitness and Health 0 5
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So my wedding is TOMORROW and I have been battling seasonal allergies all week. I have been taking Claritin-D all week and drinking tons of tea but my head still feels like a balloon and my face still feels and looks puffy. Any advice or tips to try to not feel/look like poo on the most important day of my life??


  • MrsD
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    I get super bad allergies, like hospital bad. I didn't in CA but I moved to CO and they got so bad in the spring & summer (and parts of fall). I take claritin non drowsy daily, and use flonase once a day. My doctor gave me an inhaler for if it gets super bad (only a few days out of the year). I also found it helps me to shower in the morning & evening, just to clear all the dander and pollen out of my system and off my skin. I also wash our sheets & change our towels pretty frequently, and change the air filter in my car & house seasonally!

    Since you are getting married tomorrow, I'd try flonase in addition to the claritin & try to shower and really scrub your skin & hair then change your clothes to fresh/clean ones without dander or pollen on them. I'd take a benadryl this evening if you don't see improvement by then. Avoid touching your eyes. Clean your phone & coffee mug & water bottle. Also eye drops & a saline spray for your nose. Throat lozenges can sometimes help too. Then ice your face! If it's getting SUPER bad, I'd consider going to urgent care for a shot.

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  • Kelsey
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    I agree with PP. I have super bad allergies too. I take Allegra every day for them. I don't use Flonase, because even though it helps me breathe; it also makes my head feel weird. The only thing I would say to be cautious with is Benadryl, for me if I take a whole one I end up feeling hungover part of my morning. I would maybe take a half tablet of one and see how you feel after that (if you choose to take any tonight). But it also depends if you have ever taken Benadryl before and you might have a higher tolerance! Eye drops are awesome and try some tea too that might help your congestion and nose problems too.

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  • Lisa Marie
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    I have bad allergies as the others have posted. I take over the counter allergy meds twice a day. Most days are manageable, but others not so much. If I need something extra, I use to use my prescription steroid nasal spray but never refilled it; now I inhale eucalyptus oil. The oil helps open everything up and sooth my sinuses. I hear coconut oil can help allergies, and local honey!

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  • Cliodhna
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    Hey Lené. Did you find something great which helped with your allergies?

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  • L
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    I did! So I had honey and lemon cough drops to control all the hacking I was doing (gross!). I took two Claritin-D within an hour of each other and a
    24 hr Afrin nasal spray. I talked to the pharmacist and she advised that it would be OK to double up on the day of the wedding but that would only be OK for max. 3 days. I started the day before the wedding and on the day of to control all my symptoms. Also I took a apple cider vinegar and honey shot the morning of the wedding to try to clear out some of the phlegm build up I had in my throat and chest. All of these got me through the day and I was able to dance the night away!!!
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