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Save the Date vent

Elizabeth, on December 2, 2021 at 11:37 AM Posted in Planning 0 8

Hello fellow brides!

I wanted to do a mini vent about save the dates and also need some advice.

We booked an awesome photographer, but unfortunately after we booked she relocated from California to Florida. She will be flying in for our wedding and still travels back and forth and after many postponements on my end for the included engagement photoshoot we finally had scheduled a date to have them done this past October. With my luck that is RIGHT when the oil spill in California happened causing all the beaches to close and my dream location of the pirate tower in Victoria Beach couldn't happen. They wouldn't even let us on the sand. It was so last minute getting this info, I had to keep calling the city every day to see if they would open with no luck and it was too late for me to find another location for photos. Honestly, I have my heart set on this spot and it's the one thing I wanted. Thankfully our photographer was fine rescheduling, but she won't be in town again until Feb/March or if another wedding pops up before then. I really wanted to use our engagement photos as save the dates for our wedding on 7/3/22 and was hoping to get those sent out sooner than later because it is a holiday weekend and want to make sure people have enough notice.

Everyone is telling me to use photos from our trip in Hawaii when he proposed, but the photographer we had there took super awkward photos of us and all of my bad angles. Most of them are either my side profile or the back of my head (they really are not flattering at all) I miiiiight have one I can use, but we're just standing there staring at the camera prom style. My FH and I don't really have any other good photos we could use. I thought of just taking some ourselves, but this pandemic and the added stress these past couple months have not been good to me and I've been gaining a lot lately and don't feel my best. We could hire another photographer to just take the engagement photos for us, but that's another expense we want to avoid. Also doesn't help we work complete opposite schedules, I work a normal schedule and he's 3pm-3am, so I've been doing like 95% of the wedding planning and the only time we get together is on the weekends, if that.

I'm at the point of just sending save the dates with no photo of us and keep it simple, but am torn because I did want to have a photo of us on there. Any advice/recommendations would be great! I just feel so overwhelmed at this point.


Latest activity by Stephanie, on December 4, 2021 at 4:07 AM
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    Honestly I’d call it a day and just do a simple save the date with no photo. You can still get lots of use out of your engagement photos whenever they happen—on your wedding website, on display at your shower, etc.
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  • Melinda
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    Melinda ·
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    Why don't you send the save the dates with no photos and send the photos with the invitations?

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  • Heather
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    Awww I'm so sorry this all happened!!! Smiley sad I understand that you had your heart set on that beach as it was just calling to you! Are you open to what PPs said about using no photos? If you really wanted to use a photo then definitely see if you can use a photo from the proposal. Another option I can think of is getting photos done at JCPenny. I know there aren't that many around, but if you do have one you and your FH can do a quick session Smiley smile I don't think it costs too much and right now I'm sure there is a sale or coupon offer as it is the holiday time.

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  • Lisa
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    My fiance and I sent out our Save The Dates without pictures - we did wooden magnets instead (ours were similar to the first image). They turned out super well! You could find a fun Save The Date design without pictures (either a paper design, or even something like acrylic or glass/mirrors, etc), and then incorporate your engagement photos into your invitations! Here are a few ideas of Save The Dates I found on Etsy that don't incorporate engagement photos.
    Save the Date vent 1
    Save the Date vent 2
    Save the Date vent 3
    Save the Date vent 4

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  • Benny
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    Man, I’m sorry to hear that. I know it’s hard when you have your mind set on something already. I would personally call it a day and send Save the Dates. Then when it comes time for your wedding invitations you can incorporate a photo of you guys with that. That way you have time for the beaches to clear up and schedule your photographer to come out. Just a thought so you can still get a photo you’re happy and satisfied with instead of settling with something else!

    I’ll attach photos for examples! Hope this helps and good luck!Save the Date vent 5
    Save the Date vent 6

    Save the Date vent 7

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  • Shannon
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    If you really want a photo on your save the dates, it’s not necessary to have a professional photographer take pictures. You could get dressed up and have a friend snap some. Cameras on phones, especially new ones are very clear. Or, take a cute “Ussie”.
    We used a photo that my fiancé snapped on July 4th with fireworks in the background and printed on magnets through Shutterfly. Save the Date vent 8

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  • Meghan
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    I'd either send save the dates with no photo, or, if it is really that important to you to have the photo, I would hire another photographer for engagement photos. You can probably get them done for fairly inexpensive, and personally, I think it would be worth it if you and your fiancé don't have a lot of good photos together.

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  • Stephanie
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    The most important thing about save the dates is that your guests have enough time to save the date so they can attend the wedding.
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