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really waterproof mascara

Hannah, on August 15, 2019 at 12:40 PM Posted in Hair and Makeup 1 6

Hello! I'm doing my own bridal makeup. I do plan on watching some Youtube videos to get an idea of which products work best for brides. I am a CRIER and I know I will be in tears all day on my wedding day. I just want to know if anyone has any go-to waterproof mascara that doesn't run at all. Also, my eyes swell even with the lightest cry, does anyone have some tips and tricks I could do to help prevent this?


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  • Martelle
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    Martelle ·
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    Hi! I used Maybelline Waterproof and it worked just fine!! I am a crier too, and I didn't have anything run down my cheeks or gather under my eyes.

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  • L
    Lady ·
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    I used the same as Martelle - and I tell you - that stuff does not budge. I used the non-waterproof as my daily mascara also (usually my only makeup) and I love how much it makes your eyes pop!

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  • Meaghan
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    I use E.L.F. waterproof mascara. It does not budge and I have used it during some pretty emotional events (I'm a crier too).

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  • Cristina
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    Cristina ·
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    O my goodness I am the exact same way! I already know my eyelashes would be all crunched during the ceremony lol. I decided to just use false lashes to avoid this problem. If you want to be more natural they do have soooo many false lashes out there that look very natural....just play around with some.

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  • M
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    McKenzie ·
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    I am also a crier! I decided to do lash extensions for that exact reason, plus they'll last for our beach honeymoon too!

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  • Kelsie
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    Kelsie ·
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    This just made me realize I need to double check with my MUA that her mascara is waterproof hahaha

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