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Pregnant bridesmaid

Jasmine, on August 6, 2019 at 8:54 PM

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Hi everyone, i just found out one of my bridesmaids Is two months pregnant. I am getting married in February and she is due I’m march. We had all planned on picking out dresses in September since I don’t want things to be last minute and would like to prevent a bridezilla. I’m a little freaked out...
Hi everyone,
i just found out one of my bridesmaids Is two months pregnant. I am getting married in February and she is due I’m march. We had all planned on picking out dresses in September since I don’t want things to be last minute and would like to prevent a bridezilla. I’m a little freaked out because she clearly won’t be the same size and I’m not sure how alterations will be. Has anyone else had a pregnant bridesmaid or has any advice they have for me?


  • Dee
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    Dee ·
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    Yes I had a bridesmaid that was pregnant during my wedding . The dresses I chose for my girls were velvet and stretchy so you couldn’t even tell she was about five months pregnant. Unfortunately she lost the baby a month after and it was devastating.
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  • K
    Expert September 2020
    Ka-Rina ·
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    Just going to throw it out there - that maybe depending on how her pregnancy goes - she might not want to be a bridesmaid at all. She might go into labor before the wedding. Heck she could go into labor at your wedding. Otherwise I agree with others - empire waist or maternity dress. Though it would really be a waste of money since she will literally never wear it again. Not even to another wedding or an event of any sort unless she happens to be really pregnant again.
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  • Kelly
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    Kelly ·
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    Let her buy a maternity dress in the same/similar color. Empire waist is also good. Remember you can't control a pregnancy and that at the end of the day the baby takes priority. Don't be a bridezilla to her or you can cause stress and make her and the baby sick. Be happy you both have such fun milestones in life happening together. Someday you'll both look back and have a real good laugh about it.
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  • Cassi
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    Cassi ·
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    My BMs already gave birth but I had very pregnant BM while bridesmaid dress shopping. Since they didn't know how their bodies were going to be after birth they ordered one size smaller than what they were wearing at the try on appts. One of my bridesmaids was 8 months pregnant when we went shopping. The other was only 4 months. It will work out. I would honestly let her hold off until she starts getting a belly. Some people blow up and some don't at all. in my pregnancy with my son I didn't get a belly until the last 3 or 4 weeks.

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  • MrsD
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    MrsD ·
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    I would look at maternity dresses for her in the same color/fabric.

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  • MrsV1027
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    This! When I was pregnant with my son my boobs went from a small B to a D. It was crazy.

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  • Hannah
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    Hannah ·
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    My best advice would be to bring a balloon to the fitting, so she can see how the dress will fit with a belly. She may also consider ordering the dress a size up. IDK what your dresses are like, but my bridesmaid dresses are made of very stretchy material, so maybe take material into consideration and choose one that's more accommodating to weight fluctuations.

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  • thisismrsb
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    thisismrsb ·
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    My sister was pregnant for the duration of my engagement. She was two months postpartum on my wedding day. I had all of my bridesmaids order their dresses on Azazie. When my sister was in her second trimester, she ordered sample dresses to try on. She figured that was the size she would be two months after the wedding. Ask your bridesmaid to look for dresses that would fit her at eight or nine months. Have her order it at least two sizes larger than what she thinks her size will be.

    David's Bridal has maternity friendly dresses. Azazie has a line of maternity dresses and gowns. This is the one my sister wore. It helped to see a photo of a 37 weeks pregnant bridesmaid wearing this dress (not my sister) along with a great review.

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  • Julie
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    Julie ·
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    Hey lovely! I'm a Feb 8, 2020 wedding and my bridesmaid (husband is our officiant and son is our ring bearer), is due February 12! Our dresses our done - each person has a different style and it worked out perfectly! Bridal shops are very equipped for this!

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  • Mandi
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    Mandi ·
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    My bridesmaid plans to order one size up for my wedding as she will have the baby 4 months before the wedding. Not sure what shes doing for the wedding she will be 8 months pregnant for.
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  • Future Mrs. Anderson
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    Future Mrs. Anderson ·
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    Now I don’t want to sound like a bridezilla but I did have to move one of my bridesmaids down to a Hostess only because she will be due 3 weeks after my wedding and we all know some babies can come early, so to prevent anything from happening I just switched her position, she was a little sad in the beginning but I told her she’s still apart of the wedding party just not standing next to me 😭😭 but for you I would definitely try to wait on her getting her dress, maybe she can have a different style that’s more comfortable for her.
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  • EmAbrams
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    EmAbrams ·
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    My first marriage one of my bridesmaids told me she was pregnant and asked me if she should back out. My response was hell no! and I was so stinking excited for her! I let her choose a dress close to the wedding that would fit her baby bump and match everyone else as close as possible. PLUS our pictures were super cute with her and her baby bump.

    I know everyone is different but I don't see how bringing a baby into this world would ruin someone's wedding. (just referencing other posts I have seen in the past, not point a finger at you) Both babies and weddings are joyous and should be celebrated!

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  • AEW
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    AEW ·
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    Soooo glad I saw this. I may need the same advice so I'm grateful for all the suggestions. I'm sure we'll both be able to find something for our situations.

    Good Luck Jasmine!

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  • S
    Just Said Yes June 2020
    Stephanie & Nick ·
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    I'm glad you posted this question too! None of my bridesmaids are currently pregnant but I know at least one is actively trying and a couple others will likely be trying soon as well. I'd almost prefer to know for sure about a pregnancy because it makes it easier to plan accordingly. I feel like I'm in limbo right now, just waiting to see if any of them end up pregnant! But I feel a little more relieved reading about the maternity options.

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  • Tiffani
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    Tiffani ·
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    I was a bridesmaid with a group that had an expecting bridemaid (she was due a week after the wedding!!) we went to davids bridal and tried on dresses there together. They have a "fake belly" that you can try on dresses with to imitate a further along bump Smiley smile we picked a dress that worked for her with the added bump! I would go to a store where this is an option or get azazie home try on a use a small pillow!

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