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Potential fil Issue at Wedding.

Erin, on February 2, 2020 at 8:47 PM Posted in Family and Relationships 0 4

My FFIL is... not the most progressive individual, to say the least. For example, he does not approve of gay people (if only he knew I was bi xD). anyway, my MoH and best friend in the whole world is a very loud and proud lesbian. I'm concerned that if she brings her SO to the wedding, he'll try to start something. This is the man who showed up unannounced at the hospital and walked in to find me pumping breast milk for my daughter, and he decided to walk home without telling anyone (the hospital in question was not close to his home), just disappeared and then raised a huge stink about the fact that I would be doing that while we had visitors, even though they hadn't told us they were coming.

Would it be wrong to kick out the father of the groom if he tries to raise a stink or cause problems? I don't particularly like him because of the way that he is, and how he acts, but I don't want to put my FH in a weird position with his family either.


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  • Jennifer
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    I think your fh needs to have a talk with him. Let it be known that there will be many people from different walks of life at your wedding. That there needs to be no commentary or actions taken out on any individuals that he does not agree with. I also believe you and your fh need to agree on an outcome. IF your ffil does say or do anything then he either gets to stay or leave. Period. This is something that needs to be decided between the two of you way before the big day. Asking him to leave will only be an issue if your fh doesn't believe that this is an appropriate course of action. If you both agree that asking him to leave if said situation occurs, then there shouldn't be any further problems. He ultimately needs to handle his family.
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    I would leave it to your fh to handlethe situation before like the pp said. That's his father and he should be the one to handle the matter.
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  • Jennifer
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    I agree, this is FH's territory, so have him talk to his dad! But, if he does raise a scene even after being warned by FH, it is completely appropriate to remove someone from your wedding for doing that!

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  • Clíodhna
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    Hey there, Erin. I'm sorry this is causing worry for you Smiley heart

    I agree with the PPs in saying that this is something your FH should address with his father before the big day. He can speak with him and explain that if he acts inappropriately he will be asked to leave the celebration. D you think your FH will be ok having this discussion with him?

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