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Postponing in California

Heidi, on July 15, 2021 at 6:50 PM Posted in California Planning 1 2
Hiya! I’m trying to reschedule our wedding date for next year in Stevenson Ranch, Ca. Mostly all my vendors are available end of January. I am skeptical about the date and Covid-19 variant on the rise. The weather would be 63 degrees and it would drop at night. Also my concern is that it’s flu season. My venue was very strict and were not holding weddings until June 15th when everything officially opened up. I also have the chance to choose a May date. I have a feeling this is the safer bet. However my photographer and wedding planner are not available. I really love my photographer but she has an associate that could shoot for us instead. I know I cannot predict Covid-19 but I’m seeing the same patterns from last year. Let me know your thoughts.


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  • Lynnie
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    Oh man - that's really tough to predict!! I'd definitely want to reschedule for a date when my wedding planner & photographer are still available, but I also understand what you're saying about flu season and January!

    You should jump over to this discussion as well for 2021 CA weddings to see how the winter brides & grooms are feeling: California Brides - hanging on?

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    Hi! I did not want to get a new wedding coordinator because I'd loose the deposit but I have another planner in mind. Also, my photographer said she has an associate that does wonderful work that could be my wedding photographer. I don't know if I have a gut feeling about January and Covid messing things up again or if I am scared from postponing my wedding last year in early Feb. Especially with this new mask mandate it just feels like you cannot underestimate this virus. Thank you for the link for California Brides. It helps to know what the consensus and I'm not the only one feeling nervous.

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