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Part time job to pay for your wedding?

Patrice, on December 14, 2011 at 9:11 PM Posted in Planning 0 18
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I'm debating whether to get a part time job to help fund my wedding. Everyday I see my countdown number, and I get a little stressed out thinking/hoping how I need to stay on track to raise money to pay for it. I'm not working with a terribly huge budget..trying to do it all for a about 9k for around 140 people. My mom was supposed to help me pay for it but she now needs a surgery so I wouldn't feel comfortable having my hand out. FH is helping some. So I just wanted to know if anyone else was getting or has gotten a PT job in order to fund your dream/reality wedding?


  • Brittney
    Expert November 2011
    Brittney ·

    Do you already have a full time job and you are thinking about getting a second one? If so, I wouldn't. It's stressful enough working one job, planning a wedding and dealing with everyday life. You don't want to add the stress of a second job on top of that. You should maybe look into either scalling back on the guest list so your budget won't have to be 9k or look into possibly pushing your date back. Just a thought. But try not to add extra stress to the mix.

  • A
    Super March 2012
    AB ·

    First I pray your mother has a swift recovery from her surgery. Secondly I have two jobs to just support my family and pinch to pay for the wedding. I definitely agree with Brittany F. that having 2 jobs is stressful and you miss out on a lot of stuff. I have worked every weekend this year , but I didn't want to compromise (any more than I had to) my wedding. I scaled down significantly and made adjustments plus I enlisted the help of google to help me have a great wedding at a super cheap price. Also I planned my wedding after income tax to offset some of the cost and I also got people to make pledges to help me pay for items. If it is your hearts desire I definitely believe you should go forward. However, if your date is flexible definitely wait...I'm in the home stretch with less than 3 months to go I am thanking God to allow me to keep my sanity through out this journey. Happy planning

  • Patrice
    Super October 2012
    Patrice ·

    It would be a 2nd job on top of my full time. I just feel that if I were to get a 2nd one, I would have so much more freedom. However, I really don't want one, and neither does my FH. But I would like to add things that I can't afford right now...professional videographer...alcohol. I am hoping we can lose about 20 on the guest list though.

  • krisalicious
    Master April 2012
    krisalicious ·

    Go for it if you think you can manage your time! Although I personally agree with Brittney- planning/engagement can be kind of stressful, I wouldn't want to put anything more on my plate if it wasn't totally necessary.

    Can you scale back the guestlist or the type of wedding so it's more affordable? Are there extras you can do without?

    Or can you scale back your household budget for a while to give your savings a boost?

  • Megan
    Expert June 2013
    Megan ·

    Right now I am technically working 3 jobs. 1 full time mon-friday as a nanny then on the weekends I am a Pure Romance consultant and work in retail. It is stressful trying to juggle all 3 but I am willing to do this to be able to have the wedding that I want.

  • Juliette S
    Master February 2012
    Juliette S ·

    I did!!! I work at home and have full reign to leave my full-time job exactly at 5:30 if I want, so it made sense for me socially as well as financially.

    The plus sides are just that -- it gives me some breathing room financially for extras that I wanted and it gets me out of the house! The second job isn't stressful in itself and I really like the people I'm working with and I actually have fun when I'm there.

    The downside is that your time isn't yours anymore, and that can be stressful. I'm on the "schedule" which changes week to week and it makes it very hard to plan other social activities. For example, tomorrow is my nephew's "adoption birthday" and I can't go to dinner with them b/c I'm working.

    My FH keeps asking when I'm going to quit but he likes that I take a shower every day lol

  • Meghan
    Master August 2011
    Meghan ·

    It sounds like you're pretty far into the planning and your estimated budget, and where it's coming from didn't happen. I think a part time job- even if just through the holidays would be beneficial. You should still be able to make cuts somewhere though.

    I will remind you- what is more important- a dream wedding, or a dream marriage? You've got the guy. You can scale back on the party to not stress so much financially. I don't know your area, or your financial situation- but $9,000 is alot. If you cut the guest list down to even 125, you'd save some money. There are a million places you can make cuts that no one will even notice.

    Don't put yourself in a position where you are working so much that you forget to work on the relationship! Look at the long term, instead of one day where you will be so busy you won't even have time to look at those $150+ each centerpieces, and your guests won't care. They want fun! Spend your money where it matters to you!

  • Ed Spencer
    October 2019
    Ed Spencer ·

    First, I hope you mom gets healthy soon and has a speedy recovery.

    Next - As long as the job is part time - and it doesn't become your life. Meaning, take time to enjoy being engaged and don't let the work take over for all your time.

    We've had clients take second jobs or extra shifts at work just to afford the wedding of their dreams. They tend to handle it well, normally being very detail oriented. Many of them are nurses and taking on extra shifts for them is pretty easy.

    But I can't stress that earlier point enough. Don't obsess. Take some time off to enjoy being engaged, to enjoy the planning process, and to recharge your batteries. Don't let yourself miss out on all the 'fun' part of the planning process. And don't be afraid to talk to your FH to see if he can help out as well.

  • Angela
    Super September 2012
    Angela ·

    My hats off to all the working ladies!!! I'm a stay at home mom and planning this wedding has been fun but stressful, I can't imagine trying to pull 2 jobs. Now if your schedule allows for it and it's not going to make the stress worse go for it!! By the time all is said and done our wedding will be in the 10k range. It was a budget we could afford and we scaled back on as much as we could. We are going several DIY projects. Now that 10k includes everything except the honeymoon. We cut back on the things that were not important to us to be able to do a photobooth, or have the alcohol. It's all a matter of what matters the most to you and FH. Wish you luck and happy planning!!

  • Caroline
    Super September 2016
    Caroline ·

    I have a full time job and a second job to help pay for the wedding. I did work every weekend for a month and a half, but the extra cushion in the budget just allowed us to get our dream band for the wedding. So I am thinking it was totally worth it.

    My house was a disaster for that month & a half - but all good now. I am taking a break over the holidays and then will be starting up again in Jan.

    Check out gigs that pay a good amount for a few hours work - I work events and I know cater waiters make good money and there are a TON of holiday parties out there and gala/wedding season in June - September - so you could make a pretty penny before your wedding.

    I don't suggest doing retail as it pays way less and you are usually required to work a minimum of hours.

    Also - Babysitting! You'd be surprised how many people want reliable babysitters and they pay well and NO TAX!

  • Kimberly S  ( formerly Kimberly L )
    Master June 2012
    Kimberly S ( formerly Kimberly L ) ·

    I am considering it. Just the other day I put in an application. I too am looking @ days left & the money that is coming in and what has to go out. My FH has been working a lot of overtime and working 7 days a week as well. We know that everything else doesnt stop until after the wedding & we still have to live and pay other bills.

  • Cyndi K
    Master August 2012
    Cyndi K ·

    I'm a stay at home mom and we've talked about me going back to work. The plan has always been that when all of our kids (we have a 2 year old and want 1 or 2 more kids) are in school I'd go back to work. Going back now wouldn't cover the cost of daycare so it's kind of pointless. Fh offered to get a second job but he already works 12 hour shifts at a factory so instead he just picks up overtime which pays more than a second job would anyways. We keep to our budget pretty good and had a long engagement to help save up for the wedding.

  • Ed Spencer
    October 2019
    Ed Spencer ·

    On a side note, the holiday season is the perfect time to pick up some extra work. They hire on lots of seasonal and temporary people in mid November and cut them loose in late December or early January.

    If you work in a resort town, you can also find temporary work tied to the tourist season. Here in the Florida panhandle for example, they hire up in April and cut them loose in September. Not exactly high paying jobs, but they are extra income.

    I was told long ago about delivery drivers. They can make decent hourly money between tips, pay and mileage.

  • Crystal
    Devoted October 2012
    Crystal ·

    I wanted to get a part time drive. My fiance doesn't want me getting one on top of my full time job, taking care of the house, our 2 dogs, & wedding planning. He decided that he will umpire little league baseball after work to help us get soe extra cash. Budgeting is so hard, especially where I am, wedding prices are SKY HIGH!

  • Miss Tattoo
    VIP September 2012
    Miss Tattoo ·

    It's a better idea than taking out a loan or expecting other people to pitch in so I say go for it!

    I serve part time on the weekends and bring home $300 extra a week.

  • ~*Mrs.J*~
    VIP October 2012
    ~*Mrs.J*~ ·

    I agree with Miss Tattoo- I am a full time teacher, and I serve/bartend on the side to make extra money. All the money that I make goes into savings..can be anywhere from 200 to 300 a week. Also, I have not felt overly stressed as of yet. Actually, I feel much less stressed, because I know by working I will be able to afford what I want without going in debt!

  • Dan Paulish
    October 2019
    Dan Paulish ·

    Good for you, Patrice, to look for a PT job to reduce the financial stress. You might look for a PT job in the wedding services area. Weddings are usually on Saturday evenings which wouldn't interfere too much with your week job. You'll get tons of ideas about what you would like and dislike for your own wedding. And, I bet you probably now spend money on Saturday nights. If you're working you will not only make some extra $$, but you will be saving more.


  • Jessica
    Super June 2012
    Jessica ·

    If I didn't have children, I totally would! But they are young and they need my time more than I need a grand after the new year I plan on ramping up OT which has potential to bring in more than if I were to just pick up a job, at say, the mall....FH works a lot anyways so that has been our saving grace, plus most of return is paying for my part of the wedding

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