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Over or Under: 13 Wedding Vendors?

Maren, on September 11, 2018 at 11:05 AM Posted in Planning 0 98
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Did you know that couples hire an average of 13 vendors for their wedding? That’s a big vendor team! Photography takes the top spot as the #1 most hired wedding vendor, with 86% of couples hiring a professional photographer for their big day.

What about you? How many wedding vendors are on your vendor team? Over or under 13?


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Over or Under: 13 Wedding Vendors? 1

Photo by Rue 29 in California

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Latest activity by Ashley, on February 11, 2020 at 5:47 PM
  • C
    Super October 2018
    Cassandra ·
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    Way under, but my wedding venue does a lot of things, and I’m not doing flowers, so it helps.

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  • Shinee
    Expert September 2018
    Shinee ·
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    Way under! lol. We have 5: photography, DJ, videography, cake, and our venue which provides the catering and set up.
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  • J'Neil
    Devoted September 2018
    J'Neil ·
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    wedding dress
    hair and make up

    then a lot of the things left over we’re handling ourselves!
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  • Kelly
    Champion October 2018
    Kelly ·
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    Photographer, wedding planner, venue, wedding dress, DJ, HMUA, transportation, wedding dress, paper products, rentals, florist. So I guess we have 11!
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  • Happy Hedgie
    VIP September 2018
    Happy Hedgie ·
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    We have 11 vendors I think:






    2 Entertainers


    Wedding Dress Salon

    Tux Rental Shop

    Jeweler (for our custom rings)

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  • FutureMrsR
    Dedicated October 2018
    FutureMrsR ·
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    and 1 vendor team is providing dj/photobooth/videography/MC/photographer




    I'll say under since my entertainment is all bundled

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  • EllieRose
    Expert February 2020
    EllieRose ·
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    Under!!! Our venue is all inclusive!!!
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  • Maren
    Champion October 2021
    Maren ·
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    Hi J'Neil! That's great! Smiley smile What are you handling yourself? Any DIY projects? Smiley smile

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  • Rachel
    Super May 2019
    Rachel ·
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    Under. DJ, photographer, HMUA, officiant, flowers, cake, limo, videographer, shuttle bus, and dress. I think that’s it.

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  • Maren
    Champion October 2021
    Maren ·
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    Hi EllieRose! That's great to hear! Having an all-inclusive venue is so helpful, as many of the vendors and details are taken care of by the reputable vendor partners the venue already has. Definitely takes some planning & details off your shoulders. Smiley heart

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  • NVV2B
    VIP January 2019
    NVV2B ·
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    Lets see...

    Venue: Includes catering, bar tending, DOC and other items.





    Church for the ceremony, includes officiant and music

    Hair & Makeup


    Suit/Tux Rental

    Does my dress boutique count as a vendor?

    What about BMs dresses?

    Graphic Designer for invites

    Paper company to print invites

    Minted for Save the Dates

    Does my Nail Tech count?

    What about who does my spray tan?

    lol.... I guess i need more of a definition of what is considered a vendor.

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  • E&M
    Master July 2016
    E&M ·
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    Exactly 13 lol.
    1. Church2. Pianist3. Cantor
    4. Reception venue
    5. HMUA
    6. Photographer
    7. Transportation
    8. DJ
    9. Florist
    10. Cake
    11. Wedding dress and BM dresses
    12. Groom and groomsmen suits
    13. Photobooth
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  • Happily Ever Mrs. H
    VIP October 2018
    Happily Ever Mrs. H ·
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    That honestly seems like a lot to me.

    We have 8, 9 if you count the seamstress?

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  • Alyssa
    Super July 2019
    Alyssa ·
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    Under. Our venue included a lot of the things needed so total we only have 5 vendors
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  • Erin
    Expert October 2018
    Erin ·
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    Definitely under. We have 6:

    1) Venue - does the cake, includes a coordinator, set up, and uplighting

    2) DJ & Photobooth - Same vendor

    3) Photographers

    4) Hair & Makeup

    5) Florist - family friend

    6) Bridal dress shop - Wedding dress, alterations included. They are steaming & pressing dress & veil to be ready 3 days before the wedding.

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  • M
    Super October 2018
    Michelle ·
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    Under. We have 6: cake, chapel, restaurant, photographer, limo, and attire.
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  • FutureMrsKC
    Master January 2019
    FutureMrsKC ·
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    Under...I think we have...11???

    DJ, caterer, venue, church/pastor, hair stylist, DOC, cake baker, videographer, photographer, florist, extra rentals.

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  • Mrs Sullivan
    Expert June 2019
    Mrs Sullivan ·
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    1-Photographer, 2-DJ, 3-Venue, 4-Hair & make-up, 5-Kosher Caterer, 6-Florist, 7-Rentals (Tent A/C, chandeliers, lounge furniture), 8-Cake, 9-Wedding Dress/Alterations, 10-Bridesmaids Dresses, 11-Groom and Groomsmen suits/alterations, 12-Stationary Printer, 13-videobooth, 14-Jeweler for our custom rings

    I am having two family members play violin for our ceremony, we are doing a bunch of DIY decor, but having someone come in for draping. Buying our own plate settings for kosher meals, our venue is all inclusive so provides the main caterer and main rentals, we are providing kosher part and the additional comforts rentals

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  • 2d Bride
    Champion October 2009
    2d Bride ·
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    More than 13:

    * Officiant.

    * Three venues (four if you count the accommodations for ourselves and our guests): Synagogue, restaurant for luncheon afterwards, venue for at-home reception.

    * Florist.

    * Wedding dresses.

    * Alterations person.

    * Ketubah artist.

    * Two hair and make-up people (one for ceremony and luncheon, one for at-home reception).

    * Photographer.

    * Someone to prepare food for the at-home reception.

    Beyond that, it depends on whom you count as a vendor. The places from which we bought linens? Utensils, plates, and glasses? Decorations? Materials to make invitations, programs, thank you cards, etc.? The kippot (yarmulkes) we provided to ceremony guests? Supplies for signs? The frame, material, and sashes I used to make the chuppah (wedding canopy)? The pizza and sodas we ordered in for the welcome dinner? The groceries for the morning after breakfast? Gifts for the attendants? The office from which we got our marriage license, and the court that waived the three-day waiting period? Nail salon? Opera gloves? Jewelry?

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  • Natalie
    Devoted June 2019
    Natalie ·
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    Under! So far we have 6 vendors I think. We only need hair and makeup yet!

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