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housetyrrell2020, on July 13, 2019 at 6:01 PM Posted in Florida Planning 0 6
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Hey all! I am planning a wedding in Orlando (live out of state) and looking for a reasonable cake. I will not have the means to make or transport my own cake (wish I could). I have a small wedding (20-30 people max). Most places I have looked are charging almost $100 or more to feed that many. The cake idea I have is super simple, it is a naked cake with raspberry and filling and I will add flowers to it. I would like to have at least a 2 tired round cake but am looking to spend closer to $50-70. Any suggestions?


  • housetyrrell2020
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    Inspiration, but obviously smaller (only 2 tier)*Orlando* Cake Help 1

  • housetyrrell2020
    Just Said Yes May 2020
    housetyrrell2020 ·

    Looking for advise for cake, please

  • Sinéad
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    Sinéad ·

    Hey there!! Are you a huge Game of Thrones fan? I’m guessing because of your user name!

    Have you checked out the WeddingWire vendor search tool for bakeries in the area? I started a search for you. Here are the Orlando Wedding Cake Bakeries that we have listed so you can start looking for the perfect bakery. It’s important to remember that wedding cakes are often expensive because of the effort and time that goes into making them, as well as the premium ingredients that are used to ensure it tastes great. The price will totally depend on each individual bakery that you contact but generally, wedding cakes start at about $4/5 per slice

    Here is a link to the Wedding Cake Cost Guide for Orlando so that you can read up on some information before you find the right baker.

    I also found this article in the ideas section which you might be interested in reading - 6 Ways to Save Money on a Wedding Cake

  • Tiffany
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    Give me about two hours and I can possibly shoot a few people who may be able to helpm. FH was a fine dining chef in Orlando before he moved to Jacksonville with me. I'll see if I can get some names.

  • Dayna
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    Have you tried Publix? I know it sounds lame but our venue in St. Augustine posts their weddings every weekend and a ton of people use Publix. I'm not sure about delivery with them but I know they've started delivering some other stuff lately.

    I live in Orlando! Let me know if you need recommendations on anything else

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    I will check them out! Thank you for the suggestion

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