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Not happy with my dress..

Elizabeth, on November 11, 2019 at 9:46 PM Posted in Wedding Attire 0 7

After my first fittingNot happy with my dress.. 1

I have been working really hard with trying to lose weight and slimming down for my wedding day. I have lost 15 pounds thus far. I went for my first dress fitting, and the whole week I was a nervous wreck. Did I gain weight, did I lose weight, will it fit? Well, I got to the tailor and they misplaced my dress... they couldn't find it. Eventually, they found it in storage, and no repairs had been done for 6 weeks. They said that they are fast and could have it done the same day. I left, broke down in tears, and then came back the same day. Although the dress fit, I was hoping I would look far slimmer. I mean I had worked so hard for a year to lose those 15 pounds. I'm not sure if it was the stress of the day (they did lose the dress!) or what, but I feel like I am as wide as a door frame! It doesn't help that the boning in the dress leaves a great crinkle right where I don't want people to notice.

Overall, I am feeling very ugly in my dress and I don't know what to do about it. At this point, I am getting married in three weeks and spent a lot of money on a dress that I loved last year, and don't like this year. I don't have the resources or the time to get another dress. Any suggestions to help me feel amazing on the day of my wedding?



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    Monica ·
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    You look beautiful but I understand how you feel, I'm in the same boat. My dress was incorrectly ordered and they had to alter it so much and I've been stressing so much and trying to lose weight and do everything I possibly can. I pick up my dress in 2 days to see the final result and I'm getting married on Saturday! I'm just hoping my dress looks good and fits perfectly.
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  • Stefanie
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    I think you look beautiful!! Why don’t you try to go back and tell them how you feel about the dress and ask what could be improved? It’s not your fault what happened and they should be able to make it perfect.
    when I tried my dress I loved the front but hated the back and didn’t know why, after talking to them, they did some minor changes and I loved it! Sometimes little details do big differences, maybe they can really help you fall in love with your dress again
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  • Katie
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    I think you look beautiful in your dress! It sounds like perhaps you are disappointed at not fulfilling an image you had in your mind of how the dress would look but remember to be proud of all of your hard work: 15 lbs is an incredible accomplishment and you can be confident in that. Try and remind yourself of the details that made you fall in love with the dress in the first place and the next time you go put it out look for those things again. There are also options such as shapers to wear under your dress that will help you feel more confident for your big day and often times the key to keeping that crinkle out is perfect posture though it may feel a little unnatural. Your dress is beautiful but more importantly you look beautiful in it and your future husband will think so too on your wedding day!

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  • Taylor
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    I think with being so focused on losing weight and not being happy with your body, it is probably impossible to be happy with your body at this point. Take a few days and really focus on some body positivity. Journal about what you love about yourself, have your FH list what he loves about you, put on something pretty/sexy and talk yourself up in the mirror. The dress might be part of the problem, but I think the bigger problem is your view of yourself right now. You are beautiful and you have worked very hard, 15lbs down is not easy!! I know it’s so easy to tear ourselves down in our heads though, I’m with you.
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    To be honest, I think your dress looks awesome on you! I would have never guessed that you have been worried about your weight - you are definitely not wide as a door frame! You look slender and beautiful and bridal!! Try to rock out to Lizzo’s “Good as He**” to pump yourself up!! P.S. Congratulations on your weight loss!!!
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  • Lauren
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    Lauren ·
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    You look great in that dress!

    When you go for your next fitting point out the crinkle to the seamstress and see what can be done, it might be the result of a puckered seam. It might also just be as simple as steaming the dress so it lays correctly.

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  • Littlebride
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    Littlebride ·
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    I agree with everyone else. When I read the title, I expected to see a heavy person. Girl, you look amazing in that dress!! You are not as wide as a door frame !!
    You really do looks lovely.
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